What spices go very well with the fish

Seasoning that fits a particular dish – a rarity. At least that way teaches classical school of cookery that requires a precise combination of seasonings. The fact that don’t agree with it many other world schools suggests that this statement is just an opinion, but the opinion ingrained in people’s heads. However, this opinion has opponents and one of them is Elaine Macgarry, author of “Spices, which are combined”, which is a guide to the selection and combination of various spices. In this article we will try to turn away from boring methods selection of spices to the dishes and try to work according to its instructions, especially since she Elaine has lived most of his life in India studying Indian cuisine, which is mainly based on spices.

Part 1. Freshwater (river) fish

We’ll start with the most popular in Europe fish – perch. Perch is a freshwater fish, which is equally distributed throughout the Northern hemisphere, so ways to cook it – a great many. However do not forget that taste preferences and the abilities of all peoples. However, before fried perch guessed, it seems, everything. Of all recommended to this simple dish of spices, it is necessary to highlight those that are easy to get in our country, namely:





Zest of orange (mainly for the smell, but you can sprinkle the fish with juice before frying

Lemon zest (the principle is the same)

Cayenne pepper (within reason)





As you can see, most of the spices fits the definition of “acute” or “sweet”. Actually, that’s the point of adding spices when cooking, river fish that has a very fresh meat. Besides, this set is applicable to almost all river fish, except for some exceptions which we will discuss below.

A little tip – don’t mix Cayenne pepper and curry, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, and never add to this mixture chili or red pepper. Believe me, you can get so vigorous mix that Mexican cooks together will remove sombreros as a sign of respect to you.

Drinking under fresh fish in Madeira, dry sherry, or sake, but stronger drinks just to score a taste of the fish.

The second most popular fish is the catfish – a big and strong fish more than adequately supplies their miners meat so that was after her wherever she is found. Again, the catfish is much fatter bass and therefore requires a more delicate approach (however and the result will be significantly pitatelnaya). Soma is recommended to fry in its own juice, however, if the fish is caught thin, you can add a little sunflower oil or butter (not margarine).

To soma fit:

Hot peppers (red, Cayenne, chili, jalapeno)


Cilantro or cheese “Monterrey” grating cheese


White pepper

Bay leaf

Wine vinegar (to drizzle before roasting, or use in marinade)

Again, I advise you not to experiment with mixtures without definite knowledge, as the chance to settle tightly in the smallest room of your home will increase exponentially with each added pepper. From soma it is recommended side dish to rice or pasta with grated cheese. From drinks – the same as under the perch, except that mozho to try a stronger wine – the extra fat on your fish will neutralize the alcohol.

The third freshwater fish that we consider is the usual small fish, which becomes the size of the pan – in England it is called “Panfish,” which means “Fish that fit in the pan”. In Russia such fish are sculpins, capelin, and other relatives sprat, both marine and freshwater.

Small fish will fit:




Red pepper (in small amounts)

Grated Cheddar cheese

Sweet pepper (paprika)

Little fish feels badly for spicy condiments, so be particularly careful with red pepper. However, if you love him, and try to pour a little more. But don’t add to her chili is too hot and specific taste.

Part 2. Marine fish

Marine fish – offers a much greater variety of flavors than freshwater, so be prepared for the fact that spices have to choose carefully, based on our lists only as a guide and not the ultimate truth.

The example we will lead by taking the perch again, only this time sea. This fish is largely similar to its freshwater counterpart, except its tougher meat, larger size and more specific taste. Sea bass served with:

As you can see, the amount of hot spices is greatly decreased, as in the case of sea fish, they clog the flavor instead of complementing it. This rule applies to all marine fish. Eat sea bass dry white wine.

Seasoning under the other fish you have to choose themselves, as unlike conventional and popular bass, they taste each defines for himself. The main thing is to add the seasoning within reasonable limits and not to overdo it.

Part 3. Boiled fish and fish soups

Boiled fish is a whole other story, as when cooking spices dissolved in the broth and, if the fish is served without it, he loses the taste for the end user. But in the case of fish soup – gets the better of him. In any case, it is worth remembering that in this case, seasoning is not only hot, but in the most part liquid dish, and this requires changes in the lists.

For fish soups and boiled fish should not be used:

Spicy peppers. They’ll kill the taste

Dill. Here it is simply useless and can ruin a great dish

Bay leaf. The same thing with the dill.

But in a good fish soup is to add:


Whole black pepper


Parsley (within reason).

Pick up the rest of the seasonings according to your taste and accordance with the classical teachings. By the way, some cuisines, such as Mexican on the contrary, add to fish soups super-sharp condiments, however, this solution is very unusual for people who are not familiar with Mexican cuisine or do not like spicy food. In addition, the impact of this sauce on the intestines will be extremely negative.

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