Wels catfish

Catfish is the largest freshwater predator is a benthic fish, widely distributed in virtually all the rivers and lakes on the territory of the European part of the Russian Federation

some very large specimens caught.

Body length up to 5 m, weight up to 400kg

He is appreciated for what it is a big fish that is the source of good meat, rich in protein and vital amino acids.There are a lot of useful polinenasyshchenne omega 3 acids.Also, the fish have different trace elements our body needs for normal operation. Among them there is also a trace element such as potassium, which participates in many processes in the body and thanks to it the body does not accumulate excess fluid. Thus helping to prevent edema and to normalize blood pressure. ( info from “Live healthy” with malyshevoy.)

If you compare the meat of the various river fish on the content of the trace element potassium, the leading place is catfish, other river predator, the pike potassium smaller, but also in sufficient quantity. But in expensive trout this trace element is almost gone.

Fish catfish is incredibly popular among fishermen. It is believed that the extraction of soma is professionalonline fishing. This is primarily due to the impressive size of the fish com. A huge carcass which reaches 300 kg and live up to 80 years, this is not a joke.

Of course such individuals are extremely rare and to catch such a giant need special fortified fishing tackle and nedyuzhy strength and speed. Usually in our fresh water fishermen caught fish is catfish, which does not exceed 20 kg. Although this weight for a fish is quite impressive.

At the fish market (freshness guarantee) I liked it like this. He looked impressive and very tempting. And I could not choose what part to take. Seller boy: don’t “put” the largest piece, and first shared valuable information that I just didn’t know.

The nutritional value of dishes from Sonatina can be different and depends not only on the method of heat treatment, but also on the part of the carcass of catfish that are used for cooking.

It is noticed that more calories has the tail of this fish (due to high fat content). Therefore, at high energy it is preferable to eat this half of the catfish.

Soma I was planning to bake it in the oven in its own juice and took the middle part of the carcass.

The fish was the freshest, but no smell of Tina I didn’t catch.

A common problem is the presence of the smell of slime from the fish. For combat it uses citric acid solution in which catfish meat is soaked for 30-40 minutes, and milk composition in which lasts for several hours.

Maybe she had already passed the “pre-training”? I did not specify.. ..

So I’m “limited” by the fact that just a little rinsed it under running water. (though it is believed that to wash off the taste, but I,if possible, better still, wash away the traces of others ‘ hands, can’t eat “them”, even after heat treatment). And even cleaned the scales was not necessary, because in this kind of freshwater it simply does not.

The rind is thick, (for quick removal, the fish can pour boiling water), but I also did not, so I had a good clean salt.

Catfish skin is often covered with mucus. Normally, mucus is smeared with water. Better yet just remove it: clean the skin with a small amount of ashes or salt, then the mucus with contaminated ashes or salt, rinse with water.

Well then it’s simple: a little salt, pepper. Just a few minutes (not longer than half an hour) in the oven and here. kitchen pleasing aroma stimulating appetite, and the fish was slightly changed, it has become customary to view a sample and really liked it.

The easiest recipe: salt+pepper.

I had no time (and was not) “make” the dish.

Bones is very small. The taste is pleasant. Juicy,soft, a bit greasy. No super unusual I have not noticed; “fish and fish”. That’s just very very tender fillet (like Baikal omul.. ..). And, the best part was just the same right under the “skin”.

Use soma just amazing:

A clear benefit of soma is the presence of elements such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, iodine, and fluorine. Vitamins A, b, C, E and PP, in combination with low calorie catfish (125 Kcal per 100 grams of product) makes this fish not only healthy, but also diet. Perhaps vitamin and mineral composition of fish is catfish, the main benefit for human health.

Scientists say that the composition of the soma contains all the necessary amino acids. Only 200 grams of fish is able to meet the daily needs of people in the protein of natural origin. This distinctive property soma possessed rare fish.

And, with this splendid set, it’s not high in calories

Calories: 115 kcal. The energy value of the product Fish catfish (the Ratio of proteins, fats, carbs): Protein: 17.2 g (

69 kcal)Fat: 5.1 g (

46 kcal)Carbohydrates: 0 g (

0 kcal) Energy ratio (b|W|y): 60%|40%|0%

Nutritionists say that fish catfish should enter into the diet of all who care about their health and figure. Fish is better absorbed by the body this is due primarily to the fact that it does not contain such a huge number of connective tissues, as even the slowest of the animal meat.

Low calorie catfish, the use of its meat for the health of internal organs and the skin and nervous system, make this product diet and nourishing dish that should be present in the diet of every healthy person.

The meat is soma good for healthy skin, mucous membranes, nervous and digestive systems, it perfectly regulates blood sugar, and it contains antioxidant.

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