Unusual sharks.

Sharks are the oldest inhabitants of the deep sea. Their evolution, continued for centuries, led to the emergence of new, strange still shapes, sizes, colors, types. In the process of converting prehistoric beasts changed and their ability to survive, there are new, specific detachment characteristics and quality. Appeared and unexplored scientific minds unusual shark species.

You think people have studied these graceful animals bloodthirsty? Not at all. We know about sharks is extremely small. For example, the researchers only this year caught 3 completely unknown species of these fish. Dark waters kept a lot of secrets, and the sharks will never allow people to access all of their mysterious secrets.

What has influenced the formation of unusual species?

By well-known hypothesis, first primitive prehistoric fishes inhabited the fresh waters. After began a gradual migration to salt water. The old rule of “the strongest will survive” and acted in those days, and, as a rule, individuals with low intelligence (Yes, intelligence!) gradually eliminated, giving place higher animals.

As appear unusual species of sharks?

The first stone on the path of evolution toothy predators was the weather. The cooling waters of the oceans has led to what has kulynychi to rise above to the surface, and reducing the number of potential victims naturally led to the gradual transformation of their brain, including the olfactory bulbs – sharks began to feel the food over much longer distances. Accordingly modified and the methods of hunting.

So, shark-Fox as a weapon uses its own tail, quickly Glusha them fish. A nurse shark has invented its own, specific, group hunting method. Largemouth shark has got luring the photoreceptor at the edges of the lips.

All kinds gradually changed, and with the appearance of extreme transformations and formed a new, very unusual rare species of sharks. And here, for example, shark Goblin, like the frilled shark, was cut off from the appearances of the sections of permafrost in the damped ocean ridge submarine volcanoes.

That is why these species are left to live on great depths, and because the cases of interspecific hybridization, characteristic of other species of sharks, almost couldn’t be, the shark-Goblin shark and the frilled retain their chimeric prehistoric species without major changes. So, the frilled shark is a primitive ancestor of the Stingray, which skin folds helped to move along the bottom. And Goblin ancestor of scapanorhynchus – fish, digging up from the bottom of the hard clams.

Freshwater sharks and other wonders of evolution

It is interesting that today the two described species were thought to be long extinct and accurately, but in the last 4 years managed to catch the individuals and frill-neck and shark-Goblin. The climate changes drastically again, and unexplored prehistoric monsters rise higher in the warm sea.

Interestingly, the appearance of species adapted to life in fresh water. First of all, this is bull and lemon sharks. The first actually can live in fresh water lakes, the latter can easily tolerate fluctuations in salt concentration in the water and can even lie on the coast! It is this coping feature allows you to place them in the category of unusual sharks. No other species is capable of even being in fresh water.

What is the reason? The same perturbations in the earth crust. After a series of earthquakes, research scientists, several species were cut off from marine waters, and therefore occurred a specific reaction, and new, hardy competitive species. Incidentally, when the warming waters of the great ocean, we can observe the extension of the migration fields of sharks, and consequently a new wave of interbreeding.

While the regular species of sharks adapted to the new cold climate. Gradually formed the all-powerful, perfect predators – even now, the elasmobranchs are the only group of vertebrates, are not subject to oncogenic and viral pathologies. Accordingly, evolutionary theory takes place and the breeding of bloodthirsty predators – only the strongest survive, the pups, and ill qualitative and quantitative selection begins right in the womb.

Global warming – the ancient predators awaken

Why do most of these strange and unusual species began to frighten us by their appearance only in the last decade? Where had been mysterious fish before?

The answer is simple – at the bottom. However, existing global warming causes catastrophic restructuring of all ecosystems. And species that are already regarded as ancient history, reborn again and seize his former territory. By the way, get warm and Antarctic waters, sharks rush there and very soon we will be able to speak about complete power and control of these animals over the world’s oceans.

A list of the most unusual shark species can grow infinitely. Each of these fish are unique in their form, shape, habits. Each of them vysokoorganizovannym and perfect. Smelling, magnetic field, perfectly measuring the distance, sharks are not equal. And is there equal to the most powerful and unusual animals?

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