To begin with, what is the aquarium. Just say the aquarium is a tank of water, place where fish and plants, is a key element of aquarium.

So, do You have any desire to have a home aquarium. Before you acquire an aquarium, be sure to determine what requirements it must meet. First, we need to think and decide what size You want to have an aquarium where he will stand, etc. If the aquarium will stand in the living room, you should think about its surroundings, including about the style of furniture, which should correspond to the home pond. The one who loves tinkering might want to create their own model aquarium and design it according to your taste and method.

In any case, the aquarium should be chosen in accordance with the desires and taste of the aquarist. However, be aware that fish live and breed well only in this aquarium, where they created conditions similar to natural. Some species of fish some time, can live in a simple three-liter jar. To correct the contents need the vessel with a much large volume of water. A large aquarium is always better than small, because small aquarium requires more care and brings the owner a lot of anxiety.

There is a pattern that the smaller the aquarium, gougerot and appearance of the fish. Many species of fish, especially ikromechuschie, while in smaller aquariums no longer reproduce. Besides, in a small aquarium can occur sudden changes in temperature and water chemistry, which is not the case in natural waters. Continue reading

Dangerous animals

The crocodile is the largest reptile in the world. Grow to 5 meters in length and can weigh about 1 T. the forelimbs of crocodiles have 5 fingers, rear — 4 only, (these animals have no little finger). When the crocodile is underwater, his ears and nostrils are closed by special movable valves. Being in the water, this predator can swim with an open mouth, as he has a secondary bony palate that separates the nasal passage from the oral cavity.

In light of a crocodile holds a considerable amount of air. Crocodile’s teeth are able to be updated every 2 years. The bladder, these predators are absent. Habitat crocodiles are freshwater rivers of tropical countries. They lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle: the majority of the time reptiles spend in the water, but lay eggs on land. Puberty crocodiles reach the age of 8 years, and they live over 80 years.

The breeding of animals

The female lays about 100 eggs in prepared from leaves, grass and mud nest on land, which is covered with earth. It remains there until the hatching of the young.

Female crocodiles are waiting 90 days until hatch their offspring, all the while protecting them, and then the cubs. Small crocodiles it carries in its mouth to the water. They prigoditsya help. Continue reading

A shark attack on people in Egypt

In Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh shark attacked a Russian tourist, and, according to eyewitnesses, took her hand. As reported the UNIAN journalist from Ukraine, which was at that time on the beach, Russian tourist swimming in the sea and started screaming “Shark! Shark!”. She pulled the staff of the hotel, which is close to the beach, rewound the hand towel to stop the bleeding. According to rescuers, the tourist was “all bitten, and she doesn’t have the hand”.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh was closed due to shark attacks

In the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh because of the shark attacks on Russian tourists have closed several beaches, RIA Novosti reported.

In particular, the blocked access to the beach area of Nabq, Naama Bay, shark Bay and the beaches hotels located in these zones. On the beaches there are hunters of sharks, who lure fish with bait. It is expected that soon the ban on bathing will be removed.

In the last two days in Egypt have been several shark attacks in the Red sea. Data on number of victims and the dates of shark attacks differ. According to RIA Novosti, on Tuesday, November 30, shark attacked two Russians, a man and a woman, severely injuring Abominog. The woman also hurt your back. December 1, suffered two tourists from Russia -a shark bit off their hands. Continue reading

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