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Unusual sharks.

Sharks are the oldest inhabitants of the deep sea. Their evolution, continued for centuries, led to the emergence of new, strange still shapes, sizes, colors, types. In the process of converting prehistoric beasts changed and their ability to survive, there are new, specific detachment characteristics and quality. Appeared and unexplored scientific minds unusual shark species.

You think people have studied these graceful animals bloodthirsty? Not at all. We know about sharks is extremely small. For example, the researchers only this year caught 3 completely unknown species of these fish. Dark waters kept a lot of secrets, and the sharks will never allow people to access all of their mysterious secrets.

What has influenced the formation of unusual species?

By well-known hypothesis, first primitive prehistoric fishes inhabited the fresh waters. After began a gradual migration to salt water. The old rule of “the strongest will survive” and acted in those days, and, as a rule, individuals with low intelligence (Yes, intelligence!) gradually eliminated, giving place higher animals.

As appear unusual species of sharks?

The first stone on the path of evolution toothy predators was the weather. The cooling waters of the oceans has led to what has kulynychi to rise above to the surface, and reducing the number of potential victims naturally led to the gradual transformation of their brain, including the olfactory bulbs – sharks began to feel the food over much longer distances. Accordingly modified and the methods of hunting. Continue reading

Mnogodetnaya the synodontis

At home I had a lot of aquarium fish. I’ll talk about some of them. First I had guppies. This small viviparous fish ; (males 3-4 cm female 4-6cm ). Female mostly grey, and males in all colors of the rainbow. Equal males no. They are very nicely painted. The tails have different shapes. skirt, fan, fork… I already had several litters, but not all managed to grow. I had 12 goldfish. These fish are very vulnerable to diseases and like clean water. One goldfish is bright orange with a red outgrowth on the head, like a hat. A fish called livingonlove. Goldfish are very greedy, therefore they are constantly digging in the ground and stir up the water. They pull out and eat plants, eat fry and eggs, preventing other fish. Goldfish are beautiful, but keep them difficult. Of labyrinth fish of the gourami I had. Two blue and one marble. Gourami, like all labyrinth fish, can breathe not only oxygen dissolved in the water and atmospheric air. Amie with my favorite fish – catfish. I have lived representatives of 5 families: upside-down catfishes catfishes, armored catfishes, the loricariidae. com orca and melkogalechnyj som.

Upside-down catfishes catfishes have three species: the Niassa synodontis, synodontis Poll and mnohodetnoy synodontis. It is a large fish (10-15cm.) with interesting behavior. They know how to swim, rolling over belly up. For this they are called catfish-shifters. These catfishes are sometimes fight among themselves, but mostly they behave peacefully. The synodontis can hang out at the surface belly up for quite a long time. They can stand on the tail and a long upper moustache. Moustaches are interesting. Continue reading

the most venomous fish of the Black sea

This story began not so long ago, about two weeks ago. One of my friend the diver-the fan bought the camera and the underwater case. At the first dive he decided to test it. Then went home and, as any aspiring Amateur photographer, enthusiastically began to examine the pictures.

On the first of them was captured a small fish on the sandy bottom, which looks very similar to the black sea bull. A friend decided to find out what species belong to this bull and to this end, immersed in the vastness of the Internet. Started to sort out the description, then compare photos. The fish was similar, but obviously not a bull, in all varieties which by description must be a big head.

Okay, decided friend and started to compare the picture with all available images of the inhabitants of the Black sea.

Very soon the fortune smiled, but the mood has deteriorated sharply. Ugly fish was a sea dragon, the official name of Trachinus draco. Information from the description shocked: “the Sea dragon — the most dangerous poisonous fish of the Black sea, the effects of the injection of poisonous spines, which are on the top fins and the gills, much more serious than the prick of the black sea ruff, Scorpaenaporcus. There are even cases of death of people after they were injured by sea dragons”.

Here is a “harmless” fish lives in the Black sea. Who would have thought… then my friend remembered that when diving, it is not only often seen these dragons, but resting on sandy bottom, many times felt like fingertips something wriggled and fled rapidly away. Then the unexpected encounters even amused. Continue reading

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Unusual sharks.
Sharks are the oldest inhabitants of the deep sea. Their evolution, continued for centuries, led to the emergence of new, strange still shapes, sizes, colors, types. In the process of…

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