A shark attack on people in Egypt

In Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh shark attacked a Russian tourist, and, according to eyewitnesses, took her hand. As reported the UNIAN journalist from Ukraine, which was at that time on the beach, Russian tourist swimming in the sea and started screaming “Shark! Shark!”. She pulled the staff of the hotel, which is close to the beach, rewound the hand towel to stop the bleeding. According to rescuers, the tourist was “all bitten, and she doesn’t have the hand”.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh was closed due to shark attacks

In the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh because of the shark attacks on Russian tourists have closed several beaches, RIA Novosti reported.

In particular, the blocked access to the beach area of Nabq, Naama Bay, shark Bay and the beaches hotels located in these zones. On the beaches there are hunters of sharks, who lure fish with bait. It is expected that soon the ban on bathing will be removed.

In the last two days in Egypt have been several shark attacks in the Red sea. Data on number of victims and the dates of shark attacks differ. According to RIA Novosti, on Tuesday, November 30, shark attacked two Russians, a man and a woman, severely injuring Abominog. The woman also hurt your back. December 1, suffered two tourists from Russia -a shark bit off their hands. Continue reading

Unusual sharks.

Sharks are the oldest inhabitants of the deep sea. Their evolution, continued for centuries, led to the emergence of new, strange still shapes, sizes, colors, types. In the process of converting prehistoric beasts changed and their ability to survive, there are new, specific detachment characteristics and quality. Appeared and unexplored scientific minds unusual shark species.

You think people have studied these graceful animals bloodthirsty? Not at all. We know about sharks is extremely small. For example, the researchers only this year caught 3 completely unknown species of these fish. Dark waters kept a lot of secrets, and the sharks will never allow people to access all of their mysterious secrets.

What has influenced the formation of unusual species?

By well-known hypothesis, first primitive prehistoric fishes inhabited the fresh waters. After began a gradual migration to salt water. The old rule of “the strongest will survive” and acted in those days, and, as a rule, individuals with low intelligence (Yes, intelligence!) gradually eliminated, giving place higher animals.

As appear unusual species of sharks?

The first stone on the path of evolution toothy predators was the weather. The cooling waters of the oceans has led to what has kulynychi to rise above to the surface, and reducing the number of potential victims naturally led to the gradual transformation of their brain, including the olfactory bulbs – sharks began to feel the food over much longer distances. Accordingly modified and the methods of hunting. Continue reading

Strange and unusual sea creatures

Fish that looks like a predator. This fish boasts a huge toothy mouth, which, undoubtedly, can have only the predator. Fish species Neoclinus blanchardi, or, as it is called, pike sea-dog, looks pretty scary. Before this sea dweller opens his mouth, his appearance is not much different from the usual appearance of fish, although it has a weird wrinkled cheek as the old man. Is this “dog” to open the jaws as she turns into a frightening monster ready to swallow you whole.

Sea-dog pike is an incredibly territorial creature. Fish use their huge mouths when confronted with each other, although they fight somewhat similar to the collision of two parachutes.

Marine Flycatcher. It may seem that these creatures get from the bottom of the impact crater of some alien planet, but they live on Earth, or rather, in the deep canyons near California. Tunicate predators like carnivorous plants flytrap, but I live in the deep sea. They are fixed on the bottom and waiting quietly until unsuspecting prey swims close to their gaping glowing mouth. Once the prey is near,obolochek immediately grabs her. Learning to hunt is so, these creatures can’t afford to be too choosy in food.

In addition, the tunicate predators look like extraterrestrial life forms, they also tend to produce offspring without mating with other individuals, producing both egg and sperm cells.

Fish that attack from below. It is a living being of the species Astroscopus guttatus from the not very attractive appearance has received the name of spotted Stargazer. This name is associated with some small bright fish with big eyes, but this fish isn’t like that. Who else can count the stars? Obviously, it’s the devil who sits on his throne somewhere in hell. Continue reading

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