Monkfish belongs to delicious fish with great taste, great protein content, unsaturated fatty acids omega -3 and vitamin D. people are known to one party and one family of this species of fish – utilstore. Among them are the two most common types – far Eastern and American monkfish monkfish. In 2010, the organization “Greenpeace” has made in its red list seafood (Greenpeace International Seafood Red list). In this list are entered all commercial species of fish under very high threat of extermination because of the many catches. These fish are long – lived, their age can reach 30 years. The torso of the deep sea devil is so flexible that it can swallow prey twice more than he.

Far Eastern monkfish or angler of the far East (lat. Lophius litulon) is a marine fish of the family odinstaluj squad udenstvertne. The fish has a head greater than his body is wide and flat. The body length may reach 150 cm In contrast to many of the far Eastern fish of the sea devil has the lower jaw 1 or 2 rows of teeth. Of the terrible head and the presence of teeth in the fish called monkfish. Although there are legends that the fish called the sea devil for what he with his strong jaws he bit lockie sailors drowned them.

Despite the terrible head, fish has a very smooth skin on the torso. Back and sides monkfish with light brown spots, lower part of the trunk light.

Far East angler lives in the sea of Japan off the Korean coast, in the Gulf of Peter the Great, and near the island of Honshu. It occurs also in the sea of Okhotsk, Yellow, along the Pacific coast of Japan, East China and South China seas. Continue reading

Saltwater aquarium

The sea aquarium . unlike freshwater, has such a wide distribution. In most cases, people can afford it is quite wealthy and he is a status character. Even in organizations are more common in freshwater aquariums. The most famous large Oceanarium and Dolphinarium, designed to display marine life and scientific research. In the absence of much experience in keeping house freshwater pond to take on its Maritime variant is quite risky.

Problems with self-placement, this aquarium houses several. The cost of hydrobionts for it greatly exceeds freshwater counterparts and their death in the absence of experience can seriously damage the wallet. The minimum size of a marine aquarium are also impressive, it is at least 200 liters, at lower volumes simply cannot maintain a biological balance. To put this aquarium on the Desk will fail. Essential requirements and to the quality of the aquarium. Given the large volumes it should be as reliable. Aquariums with metal frames are best avoided in salt water corrodes metal very quickly, poisoning the water of harmful compounds.

The cost of equipment for marine aquarium, and the minimum required amount, also significantly greater than for freshwater. Even need the sea salt makes its correctives water change. The capacity of the biofilter should be several times (in some cases up to 10 times) more than for a freshwater aquarium of the same volume. This will allow, in particular, to reduce the volume of water changes. The amount of available information in print and online, as well as experience of aquarium lovers compared to freshwater aquariums is much less, which inevitably increases the number of mistakes of beginners. Continue reading

Mysterious sounds of the deep sea

The Pacific at the intersection of 15th South and longitude West 98th latitude famous scientist, perhaps no less than the Bermuda triangle. Here is its own anomaly: from under the water came a strange rumbling, turning into plaintive moans. And next from the depths of the sounds, rather like a roar. It is replaced by a deafening gurgling sound, like a giant frog breathes heavily inland. Some of these sounds alone can be heard for just a few minutes, while others – sound for years.

About 11 years expedition acoustic research project of the American oceanic administration listens to the depths of the sea. Heading the expedition Christopher Foca, who devoted himself to the study of the mysterious sounds of the World ocean, categorized them and even gave the names. The melodious sound is the girl’s name Yulia, a sharp signal became a “whistle” dimensional tap “train” But most importantly – what exactly generates the “complaints” of the ocean remains a mystery.

Is the real mystery of the ocean depths, says Foca, we hear the sounds of the different frequencies that the human ear hardly detects, other noises heard clearly, but their tone is not familiar to us.

The researchers “under suspicion” and volcanic eruption, and icebergs, and even not known yet sea animals Foca doesn’t want to exclude from ethospace and said that if one day we become aware of some kind of sea giant, produces these sounds, he’s not very surprised. Continue reading

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