Dangerous animals

The crocodile is the largest reptile in the world. Grow to 5 meters in length and can weigh about 1 T. the forelimbs of crocodiles have 5 fingers, rear — 4 only, (these animals have no little finger). When the crocodile is underwater, his ears and nostrils are closed by special movable valves. Being in the water, this predator can swim with an open mouth, as he has a secondary bony palate that separates the nasal passage from the oral cavity.

In light of a crocodile holds a considerable amount of air. Crocodile’s teeth are able to be updated every 2 years. The bladder, these predators are absent. Habitat crocodiles are freshwater rivers of tropical countries. They lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle: the majority of the time reptiles spend in the water, but lay eggs on land. Puberty crocodiles reach the age of 8 years, and they live over 80 years.

The breeding of animals

The female lays about 100 eggs in prepared from leaves, grass and mud nest on land, which is covered with earth. It remains there until the hatching of the young.

Female crocodiles are waiting 90 days until hatch their offspring, all the while protecting them, and then the cubs. Small crocodiles it carries in its mouth to the water. They prigoditsya help. Continue reading

Unusual sharks.

Sharks are the oldest inhabitants of the deep sea. Their evolution, continued for centuries, led to the emergence of new, strange still shapes, sizes, colors, types. In the process of converting prehistoric beasts changed and their ability to survive, there are new, specific detachment characteristics and quality. Appeared and unexplored scientific minds unusual shark species.

You think people have studied these graceful animals bloodthirsty? Not at all. We know about sharks is extremely small. For example, the researchers only this year caught 3 completely unknown species of these fish. Dark waters kept a lot of secrets, and the sharks will never allow people to access all of their mysterious secrets.

What has influenced the formation of unusual species?

By well-known hypothesis, first primitive prehistoric fishes inhabited the fresh waters. After began a gradual migration to salt water. The old rule of “the strongest will survive” and acted in those days, and, as a rule, individuals with low intelligence (Yes, intelligence!) gradually eliminated, giving place higher animals.

As appear unusual species of sharks?

The first stone on the path of evolution toothy predators was the weather. The cooling waters of the oceans has led to what has kulynychi to rise above to the surface, and reducing the number of potential victims naturally led to the gradual transformation of their brain, including the olfactory bulbs – sharks began to feel the food over much longer distances. Accordingly modified and the methods of hunting. Continue reading

Particulars of marine aquariums

Have you seen the beauty of the tropical seas? And have you ever wanted to have a home the particle of the underwater world? All this can be done, but you need a saltwater aquarium. Build it by all the rules, and then you in the apartment appears small corner of the underwater Kingdom.

More recently, the aquarium of marine fish was rare. Now these ponds can be seen among lovers of the underwater world more often. Marine aquariums differ from freshwater bright colors and unusual and exotic inhabitants, but take care of this underwater world is very difficult. Here specific knowledge and experience, because the inhabitants of the sea requires a certain composition of water and to create optimal conditions much more difficult than the most difficult freshwater fish.

For the sustenance of marine life, aquarium will need a lot of equipment. If for freshwater aquarium, it helps to have a filter, compressor and lamp, here and need the heaters, sterilizers, protein skimmer column pump for water flow and support the aquarium refugium.

What do you need equipment for a saltwater aquarium at home? First, you should familiarize yourself with these water bodies and their characteristics. They are of two types: fish and coral.

Fish markojavru

A reservoir of this type simulates any part of the seabed. Here can be recreated with smooth sandy bottom covered with plants, but often make out the rocky terrain, which looks much more interesting. The focus here is on fish. This reservoir is created to show the beauty of tropical marine fishes. For the application for a marine aquarium it is important to choose the right soil and rocky scenery, choose plants and fish population. Continue reading

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