To shop for fish

Today we find hypermarkets in the sale of a large quantity of chilled fish and seafood products from Greece, Spain, France, Morocco, Italy, Australia, etc. unfortunately, on sale there is very little domestic production. For example, I often ask this question. But, anyway, we have to prepare that offer. In almost every hypermarket you can buy Italian Dorado, French fish called sea bass, sea the Greek language, etc. How to cook “foreign” fish that it is useful, more about that later.

Sea language occurs most often. On sale are usually transported frozen or chilled. Often the fish is already cleaned and is offered as a fillet, which is very convenient.

Maritime language -a relative of the flounder. Body length up to 60 cm and weigh up to 4 kg. the sole is distributed in tropical and subtropical seas; some species enter rivers, are found in the seas of the Far East and the Black sea.

The sole is almost lean fish. can contain only 2% fat. Sole meat tender and tasty, highly valued by connoisseurs and lovers of fish. Bones in it quite a bit. The language of chefs advise you to cook tender burgers or frying fish in batter to preserve the juiciness of the meat.

Daradaily Sea bream – fish family sparovek, distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical parts of all oceans and adjacent seas, specifically in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. The weight of the Dorado ranged from 300 g to 4 kg, and length – from 25 to 40 cm is considered the Optimum weight of from 600 to 800 g: the meat of such fish is young and tender.

Even the ancient Romans grew it in special pools, to large, as this fish is very big and tasty baked whole. And in Malta, the teeth of this fish was used for jewelry, particularly for rings. Residents believed that they possess magical powers. At the head of a fish noticeably beautiful spot that is similar to the Golden Crescent, is probably this “goldfish” owes its romantic reputation. In ancient times, Dorada was considered the gift of Aphrodite.

Dorado meat is a real delicacy. It is dense, white, with a delicate aroma, it also has few bones. 100 g meat of Dorado contains 1.8 g of fat. This fish is very useful due to the content of unsaturated fatty acids.

To cook the fish is better as a whole. Chefs offer a Dorado baked with lemon, herbs and olives or baked on the grill. If the fish is large, its sides make two or three cuts. To Dorado as a side dish showcases vegetables and fruit.

Sea bass belongs to the family of groupers. Fish has many names: sea bass, sea bass, Branzino, spigola, bar, sea wolf. It can be found along the continental slope at a depth of 100-500 meters. It has elongated body, brown with prosely on the back, silvery on the sides, light in the ventral portion and large smooth scales. Recently, there are many fish farms that artificially grown sea bass. It is usually preferable to fish whose weight ranges from 300 g to 1 kg, and length – from 25 up to 40 cm, but some manufacturers, such as France, can offer fish of larger size. The fatness of the fish depends on the season of spawning. It usually lasts from may to July, so a more delicious fish are caught from July to October. Sea bass in culinary terms it is considered a versatile fish. It is equally delicious and in baked and fried, grilled, along with vegetables and olives, as well as in soups. So can be cooked whole gutted fish and fillets. In addition, sea bass, sole and sea bream has almost no bones. Dishes from the sea bass is very popular worldwide, especially in Mediterranean countries.

Trout (rainbow trout) fish of the salmon family. Coloring trout are very beautiful: body and fins are decorated with colorful spots. Back at trout dark and the sides and abdomen Golden color (many people call trout “gold fish”). During spawning, the trout becomes darker. Ordinary weight trout does not exceed two kilograms, and body length – 30 inches.

The color of trout meat is different: white, yellow, pink. It is likely that it depends on the food of fish. Trout meat contains a lot of vitamins (A, D, B12) and essential amino acids. It is important not to be confused with the large trout that lives in cold waters, for example, Canada, the Baltic States or Russia. These trout are often referred to as brook or lake.

The fish is baked completely, filling the abdomen herbs. Good trout, steamed with lemon. Prepare the same soup with trout. Garnish the fish is served with boiled potatoes or salads of fresh vegetables.

Many people wonder, not dangerous if fresh fish? The answer is simple, if the pre-fish was properly treated, the risk of germs is minimized, which means the fish is not dangerous. The thing is that is chilled fish, which for protection from damage subjected to the cold treatment and temperature in its core meat close to the freezing point (i.e. equal to zero), but the freezing of fish juice has not yet started. The sooner after the catch was held cooling, the longer the fish stays fresh. For fatness, the size and correct handling of chilled fish is divided into first and second grade. Chilled fish of the first quality – not damaged, not broken skin, firm meat, clean gills red or dark red; fish of this variety can be of different fatness; the second class includes fish partially broken, battered, not properly butchered, with weak consistency, but not flabby.

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