the most venomous fish of the Black sea

This story began not so long ago, about two weeks ago. One of my friend the diver-the fan bought the camera and the underwater case. At the first dive he decided to test it. Then went home and, as any aspiring Amateur photographer, enthusiastically began to examine the pictures.

On the first of them was captured a small fish on the sandy bottom, which looks very similar to the black sea bull. A friend decided to find out what species belong to this bull and to this end, immersed in the vastness of the Internet. Started to sort out the description, then compare photos. The fish was similar, but obviously not a bull, in all varieties which by description must be a big head.

Okay, decided friend and started to compare the picture with all available images of the inhabitants of the Black sea.

Very soon the fortune smiled, but the mood has deteriorated sharply. Ugly fish was a sea dragon, the official name of Trachinus draco. Information from the description shocked: “the Sea dragon — the most dangerous poisonous fish of the Black sea, the effects of the injection of poisonous spines, which are on the top fins and the gills, much more serious than the prick of the black sea ruff, Scorpaenaporcus. There are even cases of death of people after they were injured by sea dragons”.

Here is a “harmless” fish lives in the Black sea. Who would have thought… then my friend remembered that when diving, it is not only often seen these dragons, but resting on sandy bottom, many times felt like fingertips something wriggled and fled rapidly away. Then the unexpected encounters even amused.

After that, openjaw on its ignorance, the diver-the fan began to ask your friends who know about the existence of this poisonous fish. I must say that before doing scuba diving courses and by reading professional literature, he has not met the information about sea dragons, or he didn’t notice her…

It became clear that many local residents have never heard of such a monster, and this is not surprising, because close to the dragon is not suitable, the bathing vacationers trying to avoid stepping on it by accident is almost impossible. There were also those who claimed that they are well aware of the existence of poisonous fish and they know how to handle it if, for example, she will get hooked. Still others said that he did not know about her existence until he encountered this problem personally. In any case I think that it would be informative to get acquainted with true stories associated with the most toxic representative of the Black sea fauna – sea dragon.

That’s what we were told Andrew, who several years ago worked as a cargo assistant on the ship, which had regular flights to Turkey.

“We were in Istanbul at the Karakoy port. I had free time and I, like other members of the crew, catching horse mackerel on the tyrant. Pulled the tackle, on it a garland weigh fish. At first I didn’t even notice that one fish differs from the other. Started it off the hook and got stuck on his back fin. Well, I pricked and pricked, did not pay attention to it. However, after about five minutes I got sick, before my eyes swam and it was hard to breathe, like there is no air.

The comrade who was standing nearby and also was catching fish, said fish, I got stuck – the sea dragon, the most venomous and dangerous fish in the Black sea. I’m still on the deck began to squeeze blood out of a jabbed finger and try to suck. Immediately turned to the ship’s doctor. He picked up an encyclopedia and asked to see looked like this fish. I showed the picture, really it was a sea dragon, and I was lucky that no major instance, only a length of 10-12 centimeters.

The doctor said that it is necessary to urgently introduce the vaccine, but on a vessel of this drug is not. So he treated me what was in the medicine Cabinet: an injection of antibiotic, gave some pills and told to lie down and to drink plenty of water.

I went to the cabin, lay there a day. The condition was cannae, jabbed probehlo place and was very ill, threw that in heat, in cold, it was hard to breathe, not enough air, the whiskey weighed, and terrible headaches.

Tried to drink as much water as possible, I gave tylenol, and over time a painful condition was held. To fall asleep but for some reason it was scary, in my head came the same crazy idea, if asleep, will never Wake up.

Since then, if I fished, first, before you remove it from the hook, closely observed, has not got me the dragon. Why we always remember the moment when I was told that this puncture this fish to die for. By the way, the doctor reported that the fatal happens when the fish gets larger. You can say that I was lucky, could be worse. And the thing is, I just didn’t know what in the Black sea to inhabit such a poisonous fish.”

Another story was told by Vladimir, a native of Sevastopol .

“We used to catch these animals and to cook fish soup. Meat fish a white solid, not mushy, fish soup are delicious.

When you catch it, you need without removing from the hook immediately to cut off my head with poisonous spines. For this, we used the tweezers or pliers to hold the fish, and scissors or a knife. Immediately push the fish to the ground and cut the head off, and then carefully with tweezers take out the hook. Never one of our company is not pricked, we’re well aware of the consequences, you can even die, so everything was done very carefully”.

In conclusion I would like to warn fans of scuba diving, divers, scuba divers, and tourists by the sea:

– Never try to grab the fish unprotected hand if she caught you on a hook.

– During the underwater walks should not go through the hands without gloves the cave — they can stumble upon hidden dragon.

– Don’t touch the fish, even if she’s dead, because the poison remains in force for the next several days.

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