The most unusual of marine fish

If that still quite poorly understood on our planet, so is the fauna of the ocean. And even those its inhabitants who have long been opened and at least superficially investigated, for a wide circle of people remain, as they say, behind the scenes. A small part of these little-known inhabitants of the deep sea and we will cover in this article .

Axel, Prince of Denmark

The one who had the idea to call it a sea monster by the name of Axel Christian Georg, Prince of Denmark and Iceland (deceased, by the way, most recently in 1964) or hated representatives of the monarchy in General, or Axel Christian caused the author names of any no iskopaemie evil. Let’s just say tomatito Axel (this is the full name of this fish) can easily be considered a model of nightmares, capable of one his appearance to bring to mind even a person with very stable psyche.

Fortunately, few of people have the opportunity to get acquainted with the sea “Danish Prince”. Taumatic, rather large, reaching half a meter in length instances, lives at depths of about 3.5 kilometers and not seek to rise above.

So what kind of a beast, taumatic? It is, in fact, a species of fish-anglerfish, with which the explorers first encountered in 1952 in East zastitijada ocean. When we first met with tomatito even experienced ichthyologists have described him as “”an unexplained strange creature, the most unusual among the endless variety of fish.”

And the funniest thing about it was that at “normal” the anglerfish ESCA (special growth, which, due to the ongoing chemical process, glows in the dark and this light attracts prey) hangs on a special fishing rod sticking out over his head, and hangs down before the mouth. And tomatito Axel esque is right in the mouth, immediately behind the strong teeth. So gullible a victim he doesn’t even need to miss – she swims into the mouth of a “Prince”.

However, in such an unusual location of Eski has its drawbacks, which literally can destroy deep-sea ‘Prince’. If a regular fish-the angler has the opportunity first to consider carefully their prey and decide whether it is or not, taumatic Axel enough everything will flow down his throat and, due to the specific structure of the jaws, can not do anything to spit back. So, if production is too great for the hunter, taumatic chokes and dies.

Here is a perch!

Silence, birches, okoshki in the river… Love to fish for Ososkov? But as you perch up to 2.5 meters and weighing up to 360 pounds or more?

There are. Giant groupers or guasa, members of the family stone perch, are found in the warm waters of the Atlantic, and they can be found at quite shallow depths from 5 to 50 meters.

Groupers the Goliath, so they are called predators because they eat all in a row: turtles, octopus, and other fish. However, the groupers have to be alert, since sharks and morays are not asleep and are always ready to eat a giant perch.

The most dangerous enemy groupers are, of course, people. The females of these fish come to spawn always in the same place, the locals are aware of this, and are always ready to catch “Ososkov”, despite the fact that the catch of Atlantic giant grouper since the early 1990s completely banned, as this population is in critical condition.


Agree that a cross between a Stingray with a shark is a pretty scary and dangerous combination. And, oddly enough, this kind of really usual in the World ocean. It was called the shark ramp.

Shark Stingray reaches quite respectable size – up to 2.7 meters in length, terribly hungry, but fortunately for many, several a lazy.

Innate laziness shark does not allow the ramp to be worn across the seas in search of prey. He slowly moves along the bottom, at a depth not exceeding 90 metres, and catch only those fish that are careless, I didn’t think to climb a little higher or the animals living directly on the sand bottom. After catching prey, shark Stingray grabs her jaws and thrashes her bottom, until she admits defeat and is ready to become dinner.

Practically the only enemy of these amazing rays is much more ruthless predator – the tiger shark. The rays can’t cope and therefore came up with passive protection – they acquire scary-looking spikes that somehow can scare off a shark.

Not to be confused with Tetris

Despite the similarity in name, this inhabitant of the deep sea has nothing to do with the most popular game, although it has, as you probably have noticed, if you notice on the photo, unusual appearance.

Tethys, namely the so-called this gastropod, it is not like other gastropods. First, it is quite large – up to 30 centimeters in length. Secondly, the company is more like… yeah, no he’s not, look it up yourself: some footy with transparent lace hat at the end.

So, “lace”, this is actually the body of a mollusk, and a transparent “hat” serves him for a fruitful hunt. The company scours the bottom, like the net, sifts the sand and picks out the most delicious.

A major role in the selection of production play a special sensitive bumps along the edge of the hat, they determine: what is edible and what is not. And when the meal is finished, the hat begins to serve as a sail. Tethys rises closer to the surface, catches this sail any course, and quietly drifts to other unexplored places. Interestingly, when animal attack, if he manages to grab onto the teeth for a sail (and usually and happens), the Tethys then “shoots” his hunting fixture and quickly washed off, leaving the hunter with nothing. Grows whether the clam hat-network-sail again – really unknown. But, most likely, that’s exactly what happens. Otherwise – what’s the point of hiding from a predator? Then to die of hunger?

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