The fishermen managed to Catch the longest fish in the world

In the Baltic sea, off the coast of Sweden, the fishermen caught the longest fish – the herring king. All the intrigue of the situation is that the last time in the Baltic sea herring king was caught for a very long time – 130 years ago.

Fishermen lucky enough to catch the king of herring in the Baltic sea. Herring the king noticed a fisherman Kurt Ove Eriksson, when she was already dead. At first the fisherman thought that it was no fish, and plastic, but after seeing the fish’s eyes, he was convinced of the opposite. The fisherman says that the fish this is very strange, long and flat, because the second name herring king fish strap, also a fisherman struck mane of red hair on the head of the fish. Perhaps that is because of the unusual appearance of the herring king about him are amazing legends that are often associated with the character, as sea snakes. Perhaps discovered the oarfish will be one of the exhibits of sea monsters.

The oarfish (Regalecus glesne) is the longest fish in the world, its body length up to 17 meters and it can weigh about 250 kg. the Unusual red “mane” herring king is nothing like the long rays of the dorsal fin. The oarfish is poluprovodniki or pelagic fish, it lives at a depth of 1000 meters. Herring king can be found both in the ocean and in the North sea, the Baltic sea, however, it is extremely rare, therefore, the catch of fishermen from the Swedish beregovoje sensational.

Herring the king even submitted to the Guinness Book of records, as it is considered the longest bony fish on earth exist, of course. Fortunately for herring king, no gastronomic values it is not, it is very tasteless, the meat is ready to eat even animals. In addition to the king of herring in the Baltic sea swim underwater inhabitants such as swordfish, sunfish and mackerel.

The satellite photographed the Loch ness monster (photo). A companion program to Google Earth fixed the Loch ness monster, and to find this picture on the website of the satellite failed British Jason cook. In this picture, on the surface of Loch ness, you see, as some researchers believe, the Loch ness monster.

Jason cook was not looking for the Loch ness monster specifically, and stumbled upon it quite by accident. Coordinates photographs Nessie – 57°12’52.13″ North latitude and 4°34’14.16″ West longitude. Jason cook says he couldn’t believe his eyes, the code saw that picture, he immediately recognized the strange object the Loch ness monster, because all previously made descriptions of this elusive animal coincided with what he saw.

In the picture you can see a 20-meter object in which it is possible to see a living creature with spikes on the sides that can be his paws, and a tail in the back. Such construction is similar to the description of plesiosaurs is a squad of fossil reptiles, some researchers believe that the Loch ness monster is referred to this extinct animal.

Loch ness Project is a group of researchers studying the problem of the Loch ness monster and collecting various data about this mysterious creature, interested in this unusual shot. The group plans to study a picture, they said it is very interesting and intriguing. Some researchers have cast doubt on this picture, stating that the object is very similar to the boat.

The satellite photographed the Loch ness monster.

Giant lobster.

The distance from claw to tail of the sea monster is nearly a meter, and claws it is about 35 cm long and 20 cm thick, so he’d be strong enough to grab the man’s hand.

Devon fishermen have decided, take a picture of the giant lobster, to release him. He seemed too old and, apparently, too rigid.

Experts believe that, judging by the size, the lobster may be around for hundreds of years. The official representative of the Society for marine protection (Marine Conservation Society) praised the action of the fishing couple. “Older lobsters are extremely important for the cultivation of new generations, as they invest in this more energy when you age. And it is better to allow them to do it. Lobster, as cod is often caught in too large quantities,” said she. The biggest lobster of British waters was caught in 1931 in Cornwall, he held 1.2 m in length without claw and weighing more than 8,5 kg.

Recall that in marine protected areas near the island of Lundy (Lundy), Devon, United Kingdom, the population of lobsters has increased in recent years in 6-7 times. This fact pleases not only environmentalists, but also fishing companies, because the young are born in a protected area, rising up, enters the area of the fishery.

Waters surrounding the Lundy island were declared a marine reserve five years ago on the initiative of the organization of Natural Engand and Devonian marine fisheries Committee (Devon Sea Fisheries Committee), which regulates fisheries on the coast of the County. According to the plan of ichthyologists from Natural England, a protected area should serve as a breeding ground for lobsters that were previously on the verge of extinction because of active fishing.

New aquarium in Evpatoria – 100 species of fish . 1 may in Evpatoria opened a resort season and on the same day the city authorities will present to the public and all interested new city aquarium. The new aquarium will be put on public display over 100 species of fish.

New aquarium in Evpatoria will be located in the Park. Frunze. More than a hundred species of fish will live in the new aquarium, natural habitat is the Atlantic, the Pacific, Japanese sea and the Black sea, the coasts of Mexico and Southeast Asia. This year it is planned to open while only the first floor of the aquarium.

The design of the building of the aquarium will be unusual – the entrance to the building, which will dwell of various exotic fish, will resemble a huge mouth monster. Inside the building will be designed as a sunken frigate. In addition, inside the building will be seven 3-ton aquariums, as well as 13 aquariums of capacity of 2 tons. In the center of the room is planned to have an outdoor swimming pool of 30 cubic meters of water, they will be posted with all the amenities sturgeon.

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