Strange and unusual sea creatures

Fish that looks like a predator. This fish boasts a huge toothy mouth, which, undoubtedly, can have only the predator. Fish species Neoclinus blanchardi, or, as it is called, pike sea-dog, looks pretty scary. Before this sea dweller opens his mouth, his appearance is not much different from the usual appearance of fish, although it has a weird wrinkled cheek as the old man. Is this “dog” to open the jaws as she turns into a frightening monster ready to swallow you whole.

Sea-dog pike is an incredibly territorial creature. Fish use their huge mouths when confronted with each other, although they fight somewhat similar to the collision of two parachutes.

Marine Flycatcher. It may seem that these creatures get from the bottom of the impact crater of some alien planet, but they live on Earth, or rather, in the deep canyons near California. Tunicate predators like carnivorous plants flytrap, but I live in the deep sea. They are fixed on the bottom and waiting quietly until unsuspecting prey swims close to their gaping glowing mouth. Once the prey is near,obolochek immediately grabs her. Learning to hunt is so, these creatures can’t afford to be too choosy in food.

In addition, the tunicate predators look like extraterrestrial life forms, they also tend to produce offspring without mating with other individuals, producing both egg and sperm cells.

Fish that attack from below. It is a living being of the species Astroscopus guttatus from the not very attractive appearance has received the name of spotted Stargazer. This name is associated with some small bright fish with big eyes, but this fish isn’t like that. Who else can count the stars? Obviously, it’s the devil who sits on his throne somewhere in hell.

The greater part of his life this fish spends in the silt on the bottom, looking bottom for anything that moves nearby. Moreover, it has special organs over the eyes, which may emit electrical discharges.

Shark that looks like a rug on the floor. Looking at this creature, at once will not disassemble, whether it is plant, animal, or inanimate object at all. Actually it is the carpet shark, which got its name due to the similarity with the rug, although this rug has teeth and can bite painfully.

7-meter fish. Remetal or the oarfish is the longest bony fish in the world. What is the length of this giant? For example, in 1996 in California the us military caught a 7-foot-tall lemnetea, to get out of the water which was no easy task. These giants are very rare, and the majority of those detected to be already dead. Although in the dead state is like a monster is much better than in live. Apparently, this creature became the prototype of legends of a sea serpent — a terrible sea monster.

Real sea monster. You’ve probably heard that there is a giant squid, but it turned out that there are squid, which further exceed the size of a giant. In 2007, fishermen had hauled in the biggest of all known squid, ever caught. The length of this monster was 10 meters, and it weighs about half a ton!

Witnesses said that the eyes were the size of a large plate, and if someone had the idea to cook out of this being calmarie rings, each such ring would be the size of tractor tire.

People who caught the giant, had to freeze it right on the vessel, apparently after a fierce struggle. Since it is located as an exhibit in the Museum of new Zealand.

The world’s largest fish. The moon-fish, or, as it is also called the sunfish is the heaviest fish in the world. Probably the fish called the fish-sun, as she loves to bask in the sun at the water surface, partly to attract birds that feast on the parasites on the skin of this fish. These fish-the giants are not a threat to humans, which is only a plus, as this fish could easily swallow a man whole, if you want.

Fish that can walk. I think that Pisces does not need to have a foot in the water, because they are not going to wander around the bottom? You are wrong! Some fish have something like a foot. Fish Brachionichthys family (Brachionichthyidae), which were recently discovered near the island of Tasmania, Australia, not only have four “limbs” in the place where they should be fins, but they know how to move, roaming the bottom. It looks very funny.

Fish that looks like an alien. Fish of the genus Idiacanthus often called fish-black devils because of their appearance. They live in the deep sea where no sunlight reaches. They have a special strategy for hunting: their bodies emit infrared light, which can only see themselves, that is, these creatures have something like night vision goggles, while all other living beings almost blind.

It is interesting that the impressive teeth are only present in the females of these fish, and the males do not have even a well-functioning stomach. It is suggested that males only need to produce offspring, therefore all other organs, except for sex, they don’t need.

A clam that looks like a penis. This creature is called guidec, whose name is borrowed from the Indians and means “digging deep”. The body of the mollusk goes far beyond the shell and makes it look like the male organ. These molluscs have an impressive lifespan to 140 years or more, and can grow to large sizes (up to 1.5 kg and more). The clams are quite popular in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, where it is often eaten raw.

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