Saltwater aquarium

The sea aquarium . unlike freshwater, has such a wide distribution. In most cases, people can afford it is quite wealthy and he is a status character. Even in organizations are more common in freshwater aquariums. The most famous large Oceanarium and Dolphinarium, designed to display marine life and scientific research. In the absence of much experience in keeping house freshwater pond to take on its Maritime variant is quite risky.

Problems with self-placement, this aquarium houses several. The cost of hydrobionts for it greatly exceeds freshwater counterparts and their death in the absence of experience can seriously damage the wallet. The minimum size of a marine aquarium are also impressive, it is at least 200 liters, at lower volumes simply cannot maintain a biological balance. To put this aquarium on the Desk will fail. Essential requirements and to the quality of the aquarium. Given the large volumes it should be as reliable. Aquariums with metal frames are best avoided in salt water corrodes metal very quickly, poisoning the water of harmful compounds.

The cost of equipment for marine aquarium, and the minimum required amount, also significantly greater than for freshwater. Even need the sea salt makes its correctives water change. The capacity of the biofilter should be several times (in some cases up to 10 times) more than for a freshwater aquarium of the same volume. This will allow, in particular, to reduce the volume of water changes. The amount of available information in print and online, as well as experience of aquarium lovers compared to freshwater aquariums is much less, which inevitably increases the number of mistakes of beginners.

The most complex of reef aquariums containing mostly invertebrates ( corals, sea anemones, tridacna, zoanthus), require special lighting that imitates a bright light and its spectrum, characteristic of tropical areas. Even deviations in the spectrum can lead to death of aquatic organisms. But burning these lamps are 10 – 12 hours a day, with opaque glass at the aquarium could not be considered because it significantly distorts the range of special lamps.

Aquatic organisms for the marine aquarium in most cases, you have to buy at specialty stores. To breed independently is quite difficult, even simple kinds, even harder to grow young.

Of specific devices used in these aquariums, can be called a skimmer, or protein skimmer column. Designed to remove protein, along with vitamins and minerals, with a powerful stream of air bubbles, giving the surface of the foam, which is removed. This device reduces the load on the biofilter, reducing the amount of nitrates and phosphates in a marine aquarium. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals that will have to be added artificially.

Another common device is the UV sterilizer. Considering the cost of fish for the marine aquarium and prone them to the disease UV sterilizer allows you to destroy harmful flora in the pond, reduces the fouling of the walls of the algae and the likelihood of algal blooms. Cope with already existing condition, he can not, but to maintain the equilibrium helps. When added to aquarium of the medicines or vitamins, the sterilizer should be turned off, as it in most cases decomposes these substances. Also it needs to be off on time to establish biological balance in the marine aquarium and the startup of the biofilter. In the old pond, worked for 8-9 months, this device can work 10 – 12 hours a day. It can be connected to the lighting timer. When starting a new aquarium aquatic UV sterilizer to turn on for continuous operation in a month. Unfortunately, this lamp sterilizer, have a limited service life, and manufacturers recommend they be replaced every six months. It is believed that the flow of water through the UV sterilizer should be 30 – 50 liters per hour at 1 Wat the lamp power. The water in this tank must be grounded. Given that salt water has good conductivity, as well as the abundance of electrical devices, the grounding should be carried out carefully in any case.

As for freshwater aquarium, marine, you can use tap water if it is of good quality. This is true in large cities, for cottages, using water from artesian wells, this is not an option, this water contains too many salts. In the cities, the water coming from the tap, with visible dirt or rust streaks from the rusty cranes, use the same not worth it. In the extreme case, need to defend this water with an average of aeration and use only two-thirds of the upper part, having splashed out the rest. It is also to test the water for nitrite and ammonium. Permissible concentrations less than 0.1 mg/L. Can be checked and the nitrates, but their content allowable is much higher, up to 10 mg/l. water is also Key does not fit, it is very hard and may contain arbitrary impurities. If you use filters for drinking water, the quality of such water will be substantially better. Of course, you can bring water from a good source or use distilled, but this causes additional costs and problems. In this case, it is easier to use deionized water, you can get it even directly in the aquarium. For this purpose, industrial aquarium column with ion-exchange resins, pumping water through it with a pump. Column must have a corresponding performance, and the entire volume of the aquarium water must pass through it several times. The flow of water through the ion exchange column should go at a slow speed.

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