Place the pond on the plot

Dragonflies, frogs and flowering water lilies: the pond adds so much life to your garden. And it is not necessary to have a large size garden to build a pond. Today’s market of garden tools offers a wide selection of garden ponds: from very big to very tiny.

Fashion for ponds on private land came to us in the 80s. the Appearance is beautiful, close to natural ponds, created living space for insects and amphibians and birds, and brought to the garden the harmony and tranquility of the water.

It is clear that the dream to have a pond on site to create a water oasis, you need to take some necessary steps. The creation of the pond is difficult and multifaceted.

The right choice of pond.

To select the location for the pond in your garden, you need to understand what the role will be led for the reservoir. Of course, it would be correct to have a pond in your favorite corner of the garden where you spend a lot of time.

You should consider whether you want to see birds at the pond, should plot to be a shadow or you prefer to admire the surface of the water reflecting the rays of the sun.

Almost all aquatic plants grow better in the sun. Algae also grow faster in warm water. Therefore, a pond with rich vegetation it is better to make a few hours a day he was blacked out. It’s pravootnoshenija and to the fish pond.

Should know and geographical aspects of the selection of the pond: as natural ponds, artificial pond located in the valley. In addition, the pond, organized by natural rules, should be surrounded by shrubs, herbs, in short, the same plants, and natural gradually into the surrounding landscape.

Determine the location for the reservoir, proceed to the next stage.

The planned size and fauna of our pond.

The size of the reservoir needs to meet the size of the infield. The pond area is approximately 1/10 of the area of your site. You also need to consider options for filling with water and cleaning the pond throughout the season. This is especially important if the pond is planned breeding of fish.

Before digging the pit for the pond, you need to know what in this place of the underlying soils. Water is not retained in sandy soil, so in this case, the bottom will need to condense. For waterproofing of the bottom of the pond you can use clay, a natural material that does not require additional costs or film — the most practical option.

The walls of the pit too must be isolated. To do this, do a timbering from boards so that you can put the clay between the formwork and the walls of the pit.

When deciding on the depth of the pond, you must decide whether to live fish. So, for catfish, carp or carp takes no more than 1.5 m. As for such demanding creatures living in water like trout or sturgeon, the desired depth 2-2,5 m.

Aquatic plants, decorating your pond, divided into these types:

deep-sea plants. They are placed in the bottom (Bolotnikov, water Buttercup).

aquatic plants, fixed floating. Their roots have in the soil or container, and flowers and leaves on the surface (nymphs, Bolotnik, potbelly).

aquatic plants, whose roots float freely in the water, and there are leaves on the water surface (duckweed, telorez, pemphigus, vodokras).

shallow-water plants, decorative performing a task and located at a depth of 20-40 cm, the roots are in water, and most of the leaves and flowers on the surface (Calla, sedge, bulrush).

marsh plants that grow in conditions of excessive humidity (astilbe, daylilies, Hosta, loosestrife).

Thus, deep-sea and fixed-floating plants need water depth of 1-3 m.

While we must remember an important rule: the deeper the pond for plants, so, in some ways, easier to care for, because it starts its self-regulating ecological community; with the advent of winter aquatic plants sink to the bottom of the pond and they do not need to be removed and stored separately.

You can now start looking for the finished capacity for the pond. The modern market is widely represented by products of the finished water. Most often they are made of fiberglass or polyethylene. Products made of fiberglass are very durable in use. To install this capacity at the site is not difficult, but specialists will always assist you.

But, buying the finished product, you will limit your choice, we offer you the form of a pond, which can be streamlined, to correct geometric. The more natural shape of the reservoir, the more harmonious it will fit into the surrounding landscape. For planting aquatic plants use the stepped walls of the pond, they are quite wide.

Shape edges of the pond can be disguised with tiles, wooden boards or artificial stone .

Do not ignore such an important detail in the design of the backyard pond as light. Lamps, lowered into the water, creating a spectacular atmosphere of mystery.

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