Particulars of marine aquariums

Have you seen the beauty of the tropical seas? And have you ever wanted to have a home the particle of the underwater world? All this can be done, but you need a saltwater aquarium. Build it by all the rules, and then you in the apartment appears small corner of the underwater Kingdom.

More recently, the aquarium of marine fish was rare. Now these ponds can be seen among lovers of the underwater world more often. Marine aquariums differ from freshwater bright colors and unusual and exotic inhabitants, but take care of this underwater world is very difficult. Here specific knowledge and experience, because the inhabitants of the sea requires a certain composition of water and to create optimal conditions much more difficult than the most difficult freshwater fish.

For the sustenance of marine life, aquarium will need a lot of equipment. If for freshwater aquarium, it helps to have a filter, compressor and lamp, here and need the heaters, sterilizers, protein skimmer column pump for water flow and support the aquarium refugium.

What do you need equipment for a saltwater aquarium at home? First, you should familiarize yourself with these water bodies and their characteristics. They are of two types: fish and coral.

Fish markojavru

A reservoir of this type simulates any part of the seabed. Here can be recreated with smooth sandy bottom covered with plants, but often make out the rocky terrain, which looks much more interesting. The focus here is on fish. This reservoir is created to show the beauty of tropical marine fishes. For the application for a marine aquarium it is important to choose the right soil and rocky scenery, choose plants and fish population.

In a marine aquarium soil plays a crucial role. This is the primary filter through which water passes and is sent to a mixing pump. Therefore, the soil must be sufficiently small, but not so much that the passage of water through it was difficult. Some experts recommend as a primer to apply only the sea sand, and “live”, in which are preserved marine organisms. When using it in the aquarium much faster an ecological balance that is so necessary for this system.

In the absence of “live” soil to the pond you can use dry coral sand and chips. The soil stack to the bottom layer with a minimum thickness of 5 cm Dry the soil is composed of marine micro-organisms, “alive”, he is only in the aquarium, when the whole ecosystem starts functioning.

For arranging marine aquariums with fishes stones are very common. They not only allow you to make beautiful pond, rocky parts and well mask the various devices located in the reservoir. To pump that creates the flow, not conspicuous, they are very convenient to hide in the scattered stones. For this reason, the rocky landscapes in the fish aquariums are the most common.

The stones and the soil, for the reservoir of this type is the best to buy “live”. Often, however, in the design of artificial water in the world have used ordinary stones. and sometimes polymer scenery. Relevant here will also be sea shells lying on the bottom. A wide range of these parts of the interior of the aquarium allows you to create a variety of underwater landscapes.

The choice of plants and fish

Flora miniature water world presents a variety of plants. Their choice depends on the design of the reservoir. Pick up rastenis aquarium is not difficult, as there are many types, shapes and shades. Their selection is huge. For clearance of sea water can be used plants of the most unusual colors.

Fish here should attract the attention of bright color and exotic form. Often contain of butterfly fish, angels, or surgeons. A clown fish is not only an original and brightly colored, but quite unpretentious. Should not get involved in settling of pond fish. A large number of them threatens the balance of the whole system of marine aquarium.

Aquarium with corals

Coral reef or aquarium is created to content living corals, anemones and other animals that inhabit coral reefs. Here they are the main inhabitants. Fish here also can live, but there should be little to create a natural picture of a coral reef and highlight its beauty. Such reservoirs are the most expensive and difficult to maintain. Look at the design of a fragment of a coral reef.

The soil and stones in the coral aquarium

For a reef aquarium, it is desirable in addition to the “live” sand, apply primer. with quartz sand, coral chips, sea pebbles, and small shells. Such soil saturates the water with calcium, which is especially important for proper growth and development of corals.

For the formation of a reef aquarium is recommended to use volcanic rocks and live rocks that were part of this coral reef. One of them is built the framework, the basis on which will be posted live corals.

Corals in an artificial pond

The aquarium contains corals of two types: hard and soft. Soft coral polyps do not form a calcium skeleton, unlike the hard, or reef-forming corals. Contain soft corals in the aquarium easier than hard, but their color range is not so varied. They have yellow-brown shades. To diversify the interior of such a tank can, settling it colored calcium plants. On the contrary, the hard corals are distinguished by various colors. But they are very particular about the composition and purity of water, temperature and lighting.

Some species of marine fish found in reefs can eat corals, so for artificial coral reef they do not fit. In this aquarium the fish should be a little, it is desirable that they were small. But most importantly, they should not cause harm to the corals for which this reservoir is created.

Marine aquariums are real works of art. To create such a reservoir has long and hard. Balance it installed a lot longer than freshwater. It will take time before they can start the first fish or coral to settle. Rush is not here, any negligence may become a threat to the life of the inhabitants of this area. However, the reward for patience will be a real miracle – a small world of ocean beauty in the apartment.

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