Aquarium fish and their care

Breeding aquarium fish is very well known among fans of the post to create comfort in your own home. It is beautiful, impressive, and most importantly – care for fish in an aquarium does not require much of your time. And yet at the stage of purchase and preparation of the aquarium, the acquisition of its inhabitants should make every effort, to then fully enjoy this nebolshim miracle at home.

Step 1. Buy aquarium

Don’t be surprised, really care for fish in an aquarium appears only with the acquisition thereof. Because just the size and shape of the aquarium cause comfort – that’s why, the quality and duration of its existence, fish.

Choosing the size and shape of the aquarium, remember:

– in the aquarium a huge size, water is contaminated less frequently than in small;

– the size of the aquarium required to fit the number and size of fish that will inhabit larger fish, the larger amount is obliged to be a tank (in this regard about which fish will live in it, it is worth thinking in advance);

the form of aquarium also obliged to comply with the fish – or rather, landscape design, they are suitable (some fish can swim in a completely empty tank, new algae and stones, the third is the soil at the bottom);

– the shape of the aquarium is required to enable the maximum easy and convenient to maintain it (clean, change the water) – thus, a very bizarre proportions should be abandoned. Continue reading

Home aquarium and its inhabitants.

The content of fish – a favorite pastime of people of all ages and all sectors of society. It allows you to have Pets, even those who for various reasons – because of the lack of space, poor health, etc.– is unable to keep a dog or cat. Because in almost any home you can find a place for a small aquarium. On the other hand, for some, this activity can turn into a hobby that will certainly lead to changes in the life of an aquarist, manifested, for example, in buying a large show aquarium for the living room or multiple small aquariums for the fry, in the construction of a special “fish house” or the device of a large pond in the garden, or even all this together – depending on how far it will lead enthusiast his passion.

Fish are radically different from other common domestic animals in that they live in water and therefore can’t share our immediate environment. This means that you cannot take them on your hands and stroke it, or throw them a stick so they brought us back, or take them with you in a car trip. But it soon becomes obvious that they notice human activity around and react to the approach of his master – especially during meal times. At the same timethey are calm, they do not need to accustom to home, they do not spoil the furniture and do not bite visitors, don’t steal food from the kitchen. But of course, they need to be “on life support”, which for them is the aquarium. Note that well-designed and properly contained aquarium filled with bright, healthy fish, are in constant motion and leading daily life almost as much as in nature, can be not only the decoration of the living room, but also a center of interesting activities. He will give you the opportunity to create a beautiful underwater garden (by themselves aquatic plants – a fascinating topic), and will also serve as a tutorial, if you have children. Continue reading

Unusual sharks.

Sharks are the oldest inhabitants of the deep sea. Their evolution, continued for centuries, led to the emergence of new, strange still shapes, sizes, colors, types. In the process of converting prehistoric beasts changed and their ability to survive, there are new, specific detachment characteristics and quality. Appeared and unexplored scientific minds unusual shark species.

You think people have studied these graceful animals bloodthirsty? Not at all. We know about sharks is extremely small. For example, the researchers only this year caught 3 completely unknown species of these fish. Dark waters kept a lot of secrets, and the sharks will never allow people to access all of their mysterious secrets.

What has influenced the formation of unusual species?

By well-known hypothesis, first primitive prehistoric fishes inhabited the fresh waters. After began a gradual migration to salt water. The old rule of “the strongest will survive” and acted in those days, and, as a rule, individuals with low intelligence (Yes, intelligence!) gradually eliminated, giving place higher animals.

As appear unusual species of sharks?

The first stone on the path of evolution toothy predators was the weather. The cooling waters of the oceans has led to what has kulynychi to rise above to the surface, and reducing the number of potential victims naturally led to the gradual transformation of their brain, including the olfactory bulbs – sharks began to feel the food over much longer distances. Accordingly modified and the methods of hunting. Continue reading

Mnogodetnaya the synodontis

At home I had a lot of aquarium fish. I’ll talk about some of them. First I had guppies. This small viviparous fish ; (males 3-4 cm female 4-6cm ). Female mostly grey, and males in all colors of the rainbow. Equal males no. They are very nicely painted. The tails have different shapes. skirt, fan, fork… I already had several litters, but not all managed to grow. I had 12 goldfish. These fish are very vulnerable to diseases and like clean water. One goldfish is bright orange with a red outgrowth on the head, like a hat. A fish called livingonlove. Goldfish are very greedy, therefore they are constantly digging in the ground and stir up the water. They pull out and eat plants, eat fry and eggs, preventing other fish. Goldfish are beautiful, but keep them difficult. Of labyrinth fish of the gourami I had. Two blue and one marble. Gourami, like all labyrinth fish, can breathe not only oxygen dissolved in the water and atmospheric air. Amie with my favorite fish – catfish. I have lived representatives of 5 families: upside-down catfishes catfishes, armored catfishes, the loricariidae. com orca and melkogalechnyj som.

Upside-down catfishes catfishes have three species: the Niassa synodontis, synodontis Poll and mnohodetnoy synodontis. It is a large fish (10-15cm.) with interesting behavior. They know how to swim, rolling over belly up. For this they are called catfish-shifters. These catfishes are sometimes fight among themselves, but mostly they behave peacefully. The synodontis can hang out at the surface belly up for quite a long time. They can stand on the tail and a long upper moustache. Moustaches are interesting. Continue reading

Breeding of carps.

The spawning carp. During unloading wintering ponds is carried out the appraisal of manufacturers. Carp producers must be without any damage. Select females with a very soft abdomen (Nestle). Males select those with soft pressure on the abdomen leaking milk. Such manufacturers take a job in the first place. As a rule, these younger producers — females 4-6 years and males of 3-5 years.

Spawning the carp in special ponds. Before planting, producers to spawn in the spawning ponds they make all necessary preparatory agroforestry work: mow and burn last year’s grass, and the ashes used as fertilizer; loosen the bottom of the pond that contributes to the development of soft meadow vegetation; if the bottom and side slopes of the spawning ponds poor vegetation, draped with turf and with branches of pine, spruce, juniper, etc.

The branches of deciduous trees do not use, as they quickly wither and rot; do not allow the emergence in spawning ponds of pests, frogs, tadpoles, which destroy the eggs and larvae of carp after spawning, reduce the food base of the pond.

Fill spawning ponds with water through the filters, making sure not to expose the eggs and larvae of weed and wild fish, as well as vreditelei ponds and other ponds. Carp spawn when the water temperature is 18-20 C. When water temperature is where the producers, reaches 15-16, start to fill spawning ponds. Filling spawning ponds produce in the morning at 6-7 h, and manufacturers are thrown to spawn in 17-19 hours of the same day. During this time the temperature of the water in the spawning pond should rise by 2-3 °C compared with the temperature of the water of the pond was maintained by the manufacturers. Continue reading

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