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Unusual marine animals

On our planet there are many animals that look very unusual and bizarre. Especially attractive with its mystery and inaccessibility of the underwater world inhabited by creatures with a fantastic appearance. Here are some interesting facts about some of them.

Jellyfish Atoll

Jellyfish Atoll is prevalent in almost all the seas and oceans, but swimmers should not be afraid of meeting her because she never rises to the water surface. This unusual jelly-like beauty dwells at a depth of over seven hundred meters. Like other inhabitants of the deep sea, which do not reach the sun’s rays, jellyfish Atoll can lighten up. This feature is, and some other jellyfish, floating closer to the surface of the water, they glow with a blue light, and Atoll – bright red. The illumination (or bioluminescence) occurs when the body of the Medusa is the protein breakdown of luciferin (the devil’s name, right?). But why is Medusa Atoll? Maybe it lights a path or deters enemies?

It appears to glow jellyfish in the Atoll starts only in case of danger. If in her field of vision appeared a predator that wants to eat its tender flesh, the cunning Medusa “includes” a bright light, visible at a distance of nearly one hundred meters. This “light” attracts the attention of jugalbandi inhabitants, among whom there are more large predators than attacking the Atoll. The aggressor immediately forgets about jellyfish, you ought to save himself. And jellyfish in the Atoll, taking advantage of the situation, quietly washed off, turning off the light.

Blue angel

Very accurate name given to the tiny mollusk that lives in warm tropical seas. To “float” on the water surface, Blue angel swallows air bubbles. His nourishment are other small creatures, some of which are highly poisonous. But little angel is not afraid of: their venom is absorbed in the body and is used if necessary to protect themselves. Continue reading

The feed efficiency of fish

Feeding fish often estimate the so-called feed ratio showing the amount of feed (in kg), should eat fish to give 1 kg of gain.

For example, if they say that feed efficiency of sunflower meal is $ 4, this means that in order for the fish increased weight by 1 kg, she had to eat 4 kg of this cake.

In other words, feed coefficient expresses the ratio of eaten to increase.

Sometimes to determine the effectiveness of feeding favour by not feeding ratio, and the so-called forage payment, or, in other words, the feed consumption per unit growth of fish.

This indicator expresses the ratio between the amount specified (and not eaten, as in determining the feed ratio) in the feed pond to increase fish.

The latest from economic point of view is more correct .

Payment of feed cannot be identified with the ratio of forage, as is sometimes done .

Indicators feed ratio will always be lower than the payment of food, not all food as defined in a pond, eaten by fish, some feed (due to various reasons) always lost.

Total feed ratio and payment of the feed, the lower their performance, the greater the effect of feeding, i.e. feed between the index (and the payment of feed) feed efficiency observed inverse relationship. Continue reading

Dangerous underwater inhabitants

Brochures abound with picturesque scenery, attractive images of young girls in swimwear on the palm-fringed, deserted beaches. The reality however is often different. Vacation can be marred by sunburn and insect bites, although divers are primarily concerned about aquatics and ponds polluting substances. Often have to deal with coral cuts, burns stinging corals and ear infection divers.

Left. Starfish “crown of thorns”. In the center. A mess of seaweed verrucosa. Right. Yellowtail surgeon fish

If you don’t want to wear a wet suit, use a thin lycra or even a pair of old pants and a t-shirt. They sachetat your skin from cuts, abrasions, coral and stinging jellyfish when diving and from sunburn when Snorkelling. However, burning from microscopic plankton, which occurs in open water and can get even under “dry” suit, will protect only EN-histamina ointment which is applied on dry skin.

The sun

The tropical sun reflected from the sand beaches and water, so cover your body, use a sun protection cream with the maximum protection level and at every opportunity take refuge in the shadows. Maraliseca with a mask and snorkel should especially take care of the back and neck, and the skin on the back of the legs and under the knees. Nal water is important to protect the eyes — use sanctimoniously with quality lenses. Continue reading

Red sea

Red sea (Arab. البحر الأحمر Bahr el-Ahmar, Hebr. ים סוף Yam Suf, FR. mer Rouge) — inland sea of the Indian ocean situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa in a tectonic depression. In the North sea adjacent to the Suez isthmus that divides two bays: the Suez and Aqaba, via the Suez canal connects with the Mediterranean sea and the Arabian sea to the South connects the Bab-El-Mandeb Strait (“Gate of tears”) from the Gulf of Aden. Red sea — the saltiest of sea included in the World ocean.

The red sea washes the shores of Asia and Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel and Jordan.

The area of the red sea is 450 thousand km2. almost 2/3 of the sea lie in the tropical zone.

Water volume — 251 thousand km3.

According to various estimates, the length of C. J. miles from 1932[5] to 2350 km, width from 305 to 360. The coast is indented slightly, their outlines mostly predefined fault tectonics and almost the entire Eastern and Western shores parallel to each other.

In the bottom topography are highlighted in the coastal shallow (to depths of 200 m), the widest in the southern part of the sea, with numerous coral Islands and indigenous, so-called main trough, a narrow basin, which occupies most of the bottom of the sea to an average depth of 1000 m, and sevastra — a narrow and deep trench, as if embedded in the main trough, with a maximum depth, according to different sources, from 2604 to 3040 meters[6]. And an average depth of 437 m. Continue reading

You go to the Black sea.

The black sea is very friendly and perfectly safe for humans. There are no scary sharks, poisonous sea snakes, Barracuda and other horrible monsters. Besides, in the sea, as on earth, just for something to do on man, no one ever attacks. And if there is in the Black sea inhabitants that can cause you a little trouble, do not grab their hands and pull the tail…

This is the largest Black sea jellyfish, the diameter of the dome can exceed 40cm. It is easily recognized by this fleshy, bell-like dome and a heavy beard of the mouth of the blades underneath. Lace on the blades of Camerota are poisonous stinging cells that can burn the skin, like hot water or nettles.

Probably why the jellyfish has three more Russian names: sea nettles, gigalo, Zhuchka. When you see it follow the simple advice: don’t touch comerota, go around, “oblivate”. And do not touch even dead, or at least wash your hands afterwards. Otherwise, RUB their eyes and accidentally get burned.

Kornerot helps to survive in the sea for juvenile fish that are hiding under his hood from the predators have feasted on those tasty little thing, but I’m afraid of stinging cells jellyfish. Himself kornerot eats isklyuchitelnosttakogo, but kornerot in the sea doesn’t eat anybody. Scientists say jellyfish to the category “food stubs”. (Although in Japan, Korea and China comerota eat: this is “crystal” meat can be boiled, fried and even salt).

And here another interesting detail concerning jellyfish. It turns out that they have eyes. And the same kornerot, presumably, sees us well, although it is difficult to say in what form. However, again: jellyfish, even the most venomous, the very attack the person will never… Continue reading

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