Mysterious sounds of the deep sea

The Pacific at the intersection of 15th South and longitude West 98th latitude famous scientist, perhaps no less than the Bermuda triangle. Here is its own anomaly: from under the water came a strange rumbling, turning into plaintive moans. And next from the depths of the sounds, rather like a roar. It is replaced by a deafening gurgling sound, like a giant frog breathes heavily inland. Some of these sounds alone can be heard for just a few minutes, while others – sound for years.

About 11 years expedition acoustic research project of the American oceanic administration listens to the depths of the sea. Heading the expedition Christopher Foca, who devoted himself to the study of the mysterious sounds of the World ocean, categorized them and even gave the names. The melodious sound is the girl’s name Yulia, a sharp signal became a “whistle” dimensional tap “train” But most importantly – what exactly generates the “complaints” of the ocean remains a mystery.

Is the real mystery of the ocean depths, says Foca, we hear the sounds of the different frequencies that the human ear hardly detects, other noises heard clearly, but their tone is not familiar to us.

The researchers “under suspicion” and volcanic eruption, and icebergs, and even not known yet sea animals Foca doesn’t want to exclude from ethospace and said that if one day we become aware of some kind of sea giant, produces these sounds, he’s not very surprised. Their research expedition leads using the most modern equipment able to listen to the ocean. Installed underwater microphones transmit each captures sound in ustaska, as a relict of the cold war. It is called a System of sound control and at the time, used naval forces of the USA for tracking the movement of Soviet submarines. Since 1991, the system became available for civilian organizations, leading scientific research in the oceans.

The silence of the underwater Kingdom was a myth. Sea water permeated with a variety of different sounds Through installed underwater microphones in the infrasonic frequencies below 16 Hertz, the researchers heard quite the cacophony.

As thunder when the thunderstorm sounds under water earthquake. Bird chirping reminiscent of the songs of humpback whales. A ringing staccato betray for hundreds of kilometers your love calls of blue whales. Contributed drilling rigs for oil companies, exploring the Geology of the seabed. Members of the Fox expedition, according to existing graphic images passing frequency, can identify most of the sounds. According to the developed characteristics easily defined, who is a native speaker – a blue whale, a ship or an earthquake. It helps to study singing whales, nature underwater earthquakes, to localized volcanic emissions.

However, over the years, Foca and his team had no time to pass -they could not determine the source of the sounds. So, the mystery remains recorded by underwater microphones in different areas of the Atlantic with a loud “grunt”. It is suggested that this is due to volcanic activity underwater mountain ranges halfway between New Zealand and Chile: the response from the collision of lava with water could produce such a sound. Especially intriguing for marine acustico are sounds reminiscent of whale song, but a different louder sound. Does this mean that in the depths of the ocean are actually living creatures which until now has managed to remain unknown to humans? Mariners for centuries have reported sea monsters that were capable of carrying out in the depths of a ship. On the beaches of Australia and New Zealand are still being found washed up dead octopus of enormous size. These marine giants live no one has seen, but according to its biological characteristics, they are not able to produce the sounds So the question about who lies in the depths of the ocean, remains open.

According to some experts, for a noise “responsibility” of the Arctic ice This is confirmed by several studies. In may 1997 near the equator were recorded over the course of seven minutes, the sounds seemed uttered rubbing against each other giant surface. Measurements showed that their source was at a great distance from the place of study – the signal was in the water hundreds of kilometres from the Antarctic region. The researchers concluded, the recorded noises were born due to friction a huge ice formations off the coast of the sixth continent. Antarctic ice cap may pristi researchers in the research kausticheskoj Clever surprises. New hydrophones is already installed in some places of the Antarctic coast Tireless Foca connects with their hopes to learn whether the mysterious sounds of the deep sea deep-sea monster or is it just the crunch part of the glacier, slipped into the ocean.

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