Mnogodetnaya the synodontis

At home I had a lot of aquarium fish. I’ll talk about some of them. First I had guppies. This small viviparous fish ; (males 3-4 cm female 4-6cm ). Female mostly grey, and males in all colors of the rainbow. Equal males no. They are very nicely painted. The tails have different shapes. skirt, fan, fork… I already had several litters, but not all managed to grow. I had 12 goldfish. These fish are very vulnerable to diseases and like clean water. One goldfish is bright orange with a red outgrowth on the head, like a hat. A fish called livingonlove. Goldfish are very greedy, therefore they are constantly digging in the ground and stir up the water. They pull out and eat plants, eat fry and eggs, preventing other fish. Goldfish are beautiful, but keep them difficult. Of labyrinth fish of the gourami I had. Two blue and one marble. Gourami, like all labyrinth fish, can breathe not only oxygen dissolved in the water and atmospheric air. Amie with my favorite fish – catfish. I have lived representatives of 5 families: upside-down catfishes catfishes, armored catfishes, the loricariidae. com orca and melkogalechnyj som.

Upside-down catfishes catfishes have three species: the Niassa synodontis, synodontis Poll and mnohodetnoy synodontis. It is a large fish (10-15cm.) with interesting behavior. They know how to swim, rolling over belly up. For this they are called catfish-shifters. These catfishes are sometimes fight among themselves, but mostly they behave peacefully. The synodontis can hang out at the surface belly up for quite a long time. They can stand on the tail and a long upper moustache. Moustaches are interesting. Their three pairs. The top two USA – long smooth, while the lower four are short and feathery, and why they are called bajracharya soma. Conditions for their maintenance are the same as for all large catfishes. They need to be kept in an aquarium of 100 liters or more with strong aeration and filtration. Each catfish has to have the shelter (coconut, earthen clay pot etc.), because these fish often find out the relationship, and the weaker who need asylum. It is preferable to feed them live and frozen bloodworms and koretra, you can give flies and midges, if any, flew into the room. In their habitats, these fish are largely insectivorous, hence the ability to roll over, because they have lower mouth. Therefore, these types of feed are best for the main feed. As a temporary substitute can be given dry Daphnia. In the diet of these soms must contain plant food (about 30% of the diet): seaweed, lettuce, sorrel, etc. When the feeding of vegetable food they have better heal wounds.

Melkogalechnye catfish reach sizes of 25-60cm. I had the com length 22cm. These soms have a long elongated body and small fins. They are widely drop-down terminal mouth surrounded by eight long straight moustache. In nature, these Asian catfish live in extremely hot water, so they have developed the ability to breathe atmospheric air. They will not suffocate even in the 20L aquarium without aeration, but because of their size, they need an aquarium of not less than 60L. Melkogalechnyj catfish is a predator that may eat smaller fish or to cut the fins hulking large. You can keep adult gourami, makropody, and ancistrus. In the food unpretentious. He needs bushy plants with long leaves in which it will hide or large snag or grotto.

From armored catfish I had tetras hiding and thoracotomy. They are called tubular because they have scales instead of bony plates. This is the most peaceful fish I’ve ever seen. Sometimes these fish rise to the surface and swallow an air bubble, meaning they can breathe atmospheric air. This feature they have developed because in the wild they live in very hot water, in which there is little oxygen. Tetras hiding are small (5-8 cm) catfish with an almost triangular body and high dorsal fin (males). Mouth these catfish bottom, so you need to feed them sinking food. Thoracotomy larger soma (10-20 cm) with strongly elongated body. Mouth they end, so they can take food from the surface of the water. Top mustache at traktorov thick, of medium length and hang down. Bottom – long, thin and protruding up. Rid of them two pairs of tetras hiding. I also had som-orca and two armored catfish of ancistrus. They live in a separate aquarium, as with anyone do not get along. These are true aquatic brigands.

Ancistrus can sarvati the tail of a gold fish, pierce the thorns of the outer cover another fish. Two ancistrus can not be kept in the same aquarium, (you can, if it’s a male and a female, an aquarium of not less than 120L. there are a lot of fouling and shelters, catfish given enough greens ( lettuce, cabbage). granulated vegetable food) .With other catfish they also keep not recommend: I have ancistrus stabbed his 3 spines of synodontis, and killer whales are too oppressed him. Killer whales have very spiny fins, so it can not be taken with the hand. Moreover, it is the predator who eats and offends other fish. In my experience absolutely peaceful fish does not happen. Even the tetras hiding eat their eggs. Any large fish may eat small. Now I have 6 synodontis in 120-liter tank. In General, exercise is good aquarium fish, but very hard work.

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