Marine aquariums

Those are called reef aquariums containing live corals and other invertebrates and mollusks. In turn, reef aquariums can be divided into aquariums containing soft corals, polyps and sea anemones and aquariums with hard corals.

Since the process of creation and development of reef aquariums take up to a year or more, these types of aquariums are suitable for patient people who understand the laws of nature and ready for some financial losses at the establishment and functioning of this species aquariums.

When creating a reef tank you can’t impose your human requirements to the conditions of functioning of machinery of its quantity, location etc. Everything will be done by a specialist, this is the path to the successful creation and development of a reef tank.

Another way is a tank with no corals and only with marine fish (see here )

To a reef aquarium turned out to be inexpensive when creating and further servicing, optimally to about 400 liters.

For many the question arises how to feed the corals, and the fish like it. The fact that corals are a colony of animal cells – polyps and vegetable – seaweed. Due to the bright lighting special lamps algae during photosynthesis to produce nutrients, and the polyps that are partially. The second way of feeding corals is filtering water through its digestive cavity. Therefore, it is necessary to add water, special substances that ensure the growth of corals (all of these are available from us, see here

Reef aquariums inhabited by fish is not distinguished by large size, but this is compensated by their peculiar form and funny character. You can watch them for hours. However, does not exclude but, on the contrary, welcome some types of larger Hirurgiya fish .

From the point of view of an expert, a reef aquarium is the most interesting kind of marine aquariums. The reef is a complex and integrated world of harmonious relations between the fish, coral polyps, shrimp … Here everyone strives to equip yourself with a comfortable and safe home, to take care of the food, to prevent encroachments unwelcome neighbors, not forgetting about their own safety.

However, this beauty cannot be left unattended. Here somewhere actinium beginning to explore the aquarium, burning your delicate tentacles corals, somewhere touched the coral Ceriantus sp . etc. All this need time to notice and correct.

Literature on the care and maintenance of reef aquarium written a lot, but, in practice, to correctly contain such an aquarium can only be a specialist or a marine aquarist with a large practice.

Here are some of the features of marine reef aquariums.

First , reef aquarium requires quality treatment facility, so as not to neglect a number of hydrochemical parameters of the water: phosphates, nitrates, calcium, iodine, etc.

Secondly , the special situation in the reef aquarium are “living stones”. This is part of previously living coral, of which entire Islands are formed in the Pacific, covered in various sea organisms .

The more live rocks in a saltwater aquarium, the more reliable the biological balance and biological treatment (inside and on the surface of the stones live denitrificare bacteria).

Thirdly , it is worth noting the value of fish that inhabit the reef aquarium. The fact that the nature of the diet of many fish including a coral and polyps. Therefore, in reef aquariums welcome species, feeding on algae. They chew with loose rocks unwanted filamentous green algae, thereby controlling their growth and keeping clean in the aquarium.

Then I suggest you to see below, corals, invertebrates and fish, you could settle yourself in a reef aquarium, using the services of our company.

I wish you a pleasant viewing !

Eugene Winds, the hydrobiologist.

To place a colony you need to lit the aquarium, but in the shadow zone.

Discosoma ferrugatus . red – these people are called mushroom anemones. Of course it’s not a mushroom in the literal sense, referring to their visual similarity.

Discosoma invertebrates are a great start for beginner aquarists. As discosoma attached to “living stones” with their purchase fall into the aquarium and a variety of algae, microorganisms and all the good work that can make “live rock” in aquarium.

Discosoma quite varied in color and there are fans who collect only the paten.

You can not prevent the development of filamentous green algae which inhibit the paten.

Positioning them better to the surface of the water, as they prefer bright lighting. Many when using the special lamp spectrum fluoresce.

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Marine aquariums
Those are called reef aquariums containing live corals and other invertebrates and mollusks. In turn, reef aquariums can be divided into aquariums containing soft corals, polyps and sea anemones and…

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