In the “Sea gallery” Ufa

Plunge into the world of exotic fish offer visitors a “Maritime gallery” in the Mall “planet”. An unusual mobile exhibition includes 16 aquariums from 500 to 1000 litres of water. They live about 50 species of marine fish and animals of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans, Thailand, Sri Lanka, red sea and Caribbean Bay. There are sharks, eels, rays, piranhas, Nile crocodile.

Interesting facts about the marine life tour guide says Faith Tebenkova — student of Bashkir state agrarian University.

— Greeted visitors two turtles — snapping and slider. Both of the predator, feed on fish, frogs and worms. Snapping-turtle is still small, but can reach a weight of 30 kilograms.

Despite the fact that this turtle seems harmless, it has quite a strong jaw and long tongue, which fish take the worm. Swim closer, and then the turtle grabs the prey with sharp movement. The fish has virtually no chance to escape. Snapping turtle lives in freshwater bodies of America and Canada. Slider turtle gets its name from its color. Females much bigger than males. Is also a predator and could bite.

For some time the piranhas were kept in a standard home aquariums. However, lovely fish grey-silver colour is quite dangerous. Can easily bite a stick tolshinoy finger. Yes and a piece of a finger can grab. The piranha’s teeth are triangular, sharp as a razor. When the fish closes his mouth, between the teeth have no clearance. But in the aquarium, piranhas with their sharp teeth are used for defense only. Piranha — a small fish alone and do not represent special danger. They are terrible in the pack surround the victim from all sides, attacking, work together. In the aquarium these predators fed beef.

As you know, the crocodile is the oldest living animal on Earth. He grows all our lives, and if there is a constant source of power, the crocodile can reach a fairly large size. He seems passive and calm, but when it comes to hunting, he becomes very cunning and quick, can reach speeds up to 17 miles per hour. Interestingly, from crocodile high acid environment in the stomach, so it digests everything.

Inhabitant of the “Sea gallery” — a Nile crocodile — had created conditions close to natural environment, have water, and drying. The intelligence at the crocodile is pretty low, and he suffers from loneliness. Exotic animal feed beef fillet and chicken necks that he took not only flesh, but bone. Anyone can attend the feeding of a crocodile, it happens twice a week — Tuesday and Friday at seven o’clock in the evening.

Managua cichlasoma is also a predator and quite aggressive, so she lives alone in the aquarium.

Silver aravana inhabits the waters of the Amazon. It is a freshwater fish and it seems slow, but during the hunt develops high speed, can jump out of the water two or three meters.

The Central place in the exhibition dedicated to sharks. A typical reef shark, but the shark cats more like soma. Strange name, these sharks have received, because it is very flexible and just like the cats before you eat, play with his prey. Leopard sharks live in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

— Moray (eel kin) has poisonous glands in the skin that are dangerous for animals and for humans. Fish is very widely opens his mouth to breathe, because instead of the usual gills at her little hole.

In the aquarium the company the green Moray is a hermit crab. He settles in the various basins, which serve as protection from predators.

— Decorate the gallery of harmless tropical clown fish. Many children know these fishes cartoon character Nemo. As a rule, clowns live in the Pacific ocean, feeding on plankton, small crustaceans. Grow in the tank to 10 cm, and under natural conditions to 15. Many have their homes, because they are unpretentious.

All marine tropical fish is interesting for its color, because they live in the underwater world, where a lot of colorful plants.

The lionfish is a Zebra is also called the Sea devil. One of the easiest in the contents of marine predators. The striking diversity of color not only alerts the enemies about the presence of poisonous needles, but often masks them against the reefs. The fish is very poisonous.

Fish angel Emperor throughout life change in color. At the birth of the strip as twisted, but straightened over the years. Despite the attractive appearance, the fish-the angel is not very sociable and prefers to live alone or with a partner, with which, as a rule, does not leave life.

Visit to the “Sea gallery” — a fascinating journey into the world of exotic fish. Informative tour included in the ticket price: adults — 200 rubles, children (5-16 years of age) and a pension of 150 rubles. Children under four are admitted for free when accompanied by an adult. The exhibition is open daily from 10 to 22 hours. The exposition will last in the SEC “planet” until the middle of June.

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