How to choose aquarium shark?

A huge saltwater aquarium with a couple of real sharks, magnificent coral and other exotic inhabitants – the ultimate dream of every aquarist. However to embody conceived in a life company is not easy, because the development and maintenance of such an aquarium requires not only significant costs but also thorough knowledge.

Usually the volume of the aquarium is chosen based on the maximum size of the sharks, scheduled it to settle. For decorative aquarium sharks the size of 1.5 m is required amount of not less than 1000 litres. Great importance when calculating the capacity of aquarium have the characteristics of potential tenants: for example, whether to dwell in benthic or pelagic sharks .

Since the first able to breathe lying on the bottom, so they don’t need a massive site, like their pelagic counterparts, who have to constantly move .

A narrow aquarium or an aquarium with sharp corners so the sharks hard to turn, especially at high speed, and this greatly lowers their quality of life and even leads to disease. The most convenient habitat for pelagic sharks buitenkant with rounded corners, and even better – a circular aquarium.

Watch the video on “decorative Aquarium nurse shark”:

Aquarium shark saw:

Aquarium decorative shark versions and neighbourhood

No matter how great was the desire to fill the aquarium with sharks of various kinds, remember that this can not be done. These predators are growing rapidly and need a great space and their own territory.

In addition, content requirements of representatives of different families may differ materially and the conditions are ideal for one species of fish may not be suitable for representatives of the other.

For example, some sharks prefer water temperatures of 24 to 27 degrees, while others are comfortable in cool – not above 19 degrees. If you contain the sharks in satiety and comfort, they will not threaten neighbors in the aquarium, if those peace – loving, but not inferior to them in size of fish.

Exemplary decorative aquarium with sharks:

Decorative aquarium feeding sharks

The feeding of the sharks usually does not cause problems: for this approach and ready a special food, and fresh fish fillet. To diversify the diet of your beloved Pets can seafood such as squid, molluscs and crustaceans.

Under no circumstances do not attempt to feed sharks by hand. Whatever delicate relationship did not work from the owner of the aquarium and its inhabitants, we should not forget that the shark is a predator, and excessive reduction of the distance can lead to tragic consequences.

Any sharks recommended in marine aquariums?

The answer to this question is obvious: for life in the aquarium is best suited for the smallest, non-corrosive and low-maintenance of all existing in the nature of sharks. And heading the list, the Asian representatives of the family of sharks (Hemiscylliidae).

1. Asian leopard sharks

This heat-loving ground sharks, reaching meter length and prefer a nocturnal lifestyle. In the daytime they hide in caves. The minimum capacity of an aquarium suitable for keeping – 1000-1500 litres. In home aquariums often can be found following representatives of the family cat Asian decorative shark

striped bamboo shark;

spotted bamboo shark;

apolloboy shark.

2. Horned shark

Horned sharks (family Heterodontidae) also do not cause the owners of the aquarium is a big hassle. Their length is 115 cm, so the volume of the aquarium is required. Good neighbors for the horned sharks will be individuals of the same species or members of the cat and large peaceful fish, which, in the case of aggression, will be able to provide resistance.

3. Dwarf sharks

In General, experts do not recommend to include in an aquarium of sharks of different species, and only pygmy shark (Euprotomicrus bispinatus) are an exception to this rule.

This decorative aquarium shark only grows to 25 cm and, like other demersal sharks, in daylight hours secluded in the nooks, and at night leaves the shelter to go for a swim at your leisure at the water surface.

Dwarf shark can become a real decoration of any aquarium because of its unusual ability to glow in the dark. Especially beautiful glow they exude in moments of intense emotion: then and abdomen, and sides of the fish as if catching pale green lights.

4. Blacktip and white tip reef sharks

Among pelagic sharks regulars aquariums are reef – blacktip and white tip sharks. Because these fish prefer a mobile lifestyle, it is advisable to put them in aquariums of no less than 3,000 litres.

Care should be taken about the lack of sharp corners and slow movements of the scenery. For white tip sharks are very important to the neighborhood: close to other, larger predators, they feel depressed and lose their appetite completely.

If the aquarium is for you – it’s not only a fashionable home decoration but also a large world with living inhabitants, inside it, create comfortable conditions, make sure that your “kids” felt the glass wall “at home.”

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