Home aquarium and its inhabitants.

The content of fish – a favorite pastime of people of all ages and all sectors of society. It allows you to have Pets, even those who for various reasons – because of the lack of space, poor health, etc.– is unable to keep a dog or cat. Because in almost any home you can find a place for a small aquarium. On the other hand, for some, this activity can turn into a hobby that will certainly lead to changes in the life of an aquarist, manifested, for example, in buying a large show aquarium for the living room or multiple small aquariums for the fry, in the construction of a special “fish house” or the device of a large pond in the garden, or even all this together – depending on how far it will lead enthusiast his passion.

Fish are radically different from other common domestic animals in that they live in water and therefore can’t share our immediate environment. This means that you cannot take them on your hands and stroke it, or throw them a stick so they brought us back, or take them with you in a car trip. But it soon becomes obvious that they notice human activity around and react to the approach of his master – especially during meal times. At the same timethey are calm, they do not need to accustom to home, they do not spoil the furniture and do not bite visitors, don’t steal food from the kitchen. But of course, they need to be “on life support”, which for them is the aquarium. Note that well-designed and properly contained aquarium filled with bright, healthy fish, are in constant motion and leading daily life almost as much as in nature, can be not only the decoration of the living room, but also a center of interesting activities. He will give you the opportunity to create a beautiful underwater garden (by themselves aquatic plants – a fascinating topic), and will also serve as a tutorial, if you have children.

The creation of this vicious underwater world can be likened to the preparation of the jigsaw. You know how to look like the final picture, but to create a single unit, first, you need to consider and adjust to each other a plurality of individual pieces. Doesn’t make sense to start with a certain piece and move forward in a predetermined sequence, as in this process there are many variable components. Ideally, it should be so: first you need to decide what kind of fish you wish to keep, and then worry about where to place them. But there can be many limiting factors: for example, you do not have enough space for the aquarium, the right size, or gender you are not strong enough to withstand the weight of a large aquarium, or the whole thing is just its value.

For most people, the greatest interest in the aquarium are fish, so most often it is the right choice of fish is the factor that determines the success of an aquarium in General. However, unfortunately, all too often it turns out so: the beginner aquarist makes the decision to purchase the aquarium and makes it at once, without reflecting especially on what kind of fish he is going to run. When the aquarium is already installed, it is sent to the nearest store and buys a cute fish of suitable size. Sometimes it miraculously works, but more often the consequences are very disastrous. It turns out that some fish are “appropriate” at the time of purchase were only fry, they began to grow quickly and to eat smaller neighbors. The other fish, it turns out that eat plants. There are some fish that are consider almost half of the aquarium is private property and attack any other fish floating past. If the aquarist is quite sensible, he understands that these problems can be overcome, because everywhere people kept at home aquariums, where the fish coexist quite peacefully. No-one would want to keep the fish, if it wasn’t enjoyable. Therefore, a novice aquarist turns to others for advice, read books and eventually comes out on the right path. However, sadly, many people, their first failure in breeding fish so discouraged that they do this for the long haul.

The key to avoid these problems, is that you need to apply a completely different approach. It is best to first decide what kind of fish you wish to keep. Then try to find out about them all that is possible: limits, habits and particular needs that they can present. Further, you will find that some fish are impossible to keep together because they are incompatible, and some are just not suitable for “home” that you are able to provide. At least then you will be able to revisit your list of “wishes” and to determine what species of fish can form a viable combination. By doing this, you can begin to design and installation of aquarium that best meets the needs of selected fish.

Remember, careful drafting of the aquarium as a whole is the key to success!

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