To begin with, what is the aquarium. Just say the aquarium is a tank of water, place where fish and plants, is a key element of aquarium.

So, do You have any desire to have a home aquarium. Before you acquire an aquarium, be sure to determine what requirements it must meet. First, we need to think and decide what size You want to have an aquarium where he will stand, etc. If the aquarium will stand in the living room, you should think about its surroundings, including about the style of furniture, which should correspond to the home pond. The one who loves tinkering might want to create their own model aquarium and design it according to your taste and method.

In any case, the aquarium should be chosen in accordance with the desires and taste of the aquarist. However, be aware that fish live and breed well only in this aquarium, where they created conditions similar to natural. Some species of fish some time, can live in a simple three-liter jar. To correct the contents need the vessel with a much large volume of water. A large aquarium is always better than small, because small aquarium requires more care and brings the owner a lot of anxiety.

There is a pattern that the smaller the aquarium, gougerot and appearance of the fish. Many species of fish, especially ikromechuschie, while in smaller aquariums no longer reproduce. Besides, in a small aquarium can occur sudden changes in temperature and water chemistry, which is not the case in natural waters. The larger the capacity of the tank, the more stable it retains biological balance and consequently it is easier to maintain. Even without the heater, the temperature of the water in this tank never abruptly change their performance. In a small tank the water temperature can only one day to shrink and grow to several degrees, and experience dramatic temperature effect on fish, plants and all biological processes occurring in the aquarium is extremely unfavorable.

Practical tip: buy a large aquarium.

What do you mean great. At least, at least 100 liters.

As a rule, many Amateurs begin with small capacities from 25 to 40 liters, considering that a small tank requires less service time. Actually it is not so; quite the contrary.

Now You the question arises, what form to buy an aquarium. Again, for what purpose You intend to use your aquarium. If the interior of the house and for your own enjoyment, then fit the square or rectangular aquarium.

Practical advice: do not buy a round aquarium, through the glass you will see everything in a distorted way, and the fish will be not comfortable to feel.

You should also consider the fact that for normal life the fish needs the water-soluble oxygen. It is used the better, the less poisonous gases in water (carbon dioxide). To maintain the necessary for the fish gas balance in a small aquarium (25-40 liters) is much harder in comparison with a large (over 100 litres).

Many aquarists are forced to choose an aquarium that amount, which corresponds to the free space in the apartment. If this happens, then fish for the aquarium should be selected according to its size. So, if the volume of the aquarium 10 litres, it should not contain telescopes, or veiltail angelfish, as these fish will grow poorly in this tank and will lose the ability to reproduce, even if they subsequently transplanted into a large tank. This volume of the aquarium suitable for keeping and breeding guppies 5-10 pairs makropody, cockerels, gourami or dwarf gourami.

The shape and size of the tank can vary depending on their purpose. Are most comfortable rectangular aquariums, because the fish in them are clearly visible.

Note, however, that to create favorable for fish conditions, especially regarding the oxygen regime, the greater the width exceeds the height, the better. But this is not always possible due to lack of space in the room. And if the width of the aquarium is too high, fish in the depth of the aquarium will be viewed poorly.

Now let’s see how aquariums are divided by purpose:

1. Spawning aquarium.

Is suitable for spawning fish and are needed in 2 cases:

– when it is important to create the necessary conditions for fish spawning, i.e. certain parameters DH, KH, PH, temperature, lighting, as well as the necessary protection of eggs from fish, etc.;

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