Fishing in Norway

What is Norway. Norway is more than 130 rivers, thousands of mountain lakes and ideal conditions for fishing, especially among such a beautiful nature.

The nature in Norway is unique. Thousands of years ago a huge glacier retreating to the South, left behind a fantastic landscape. All the sea coast of the country stretching over 20 thousand miles indented with large and small fjords. Going to Norway to see the Scandinavian mountains, ancient glaciers and beautiful waterfalls.

But, of course, the fishing is without doubt one of the best on the planet. Gambling fishermen generally returned home with considerable booty. Fishing in Norway all year round especially at sea. Thanks to the Gulf stream, the water here does not freeze ever. Plus for sea fishing and no license required. In Norway, almost everywhere you can count on a good catch. The farther North you go, the larger the fish. It is best to catch the second half of April until mid-October. Firstly, the weather is comfortable, secondly, in March and April are spawning cod. In addition to commercial fisheries on the network, no less popular is gambling or Amateur fishing is the bait.

One of these places in Norway is the island of Smøla. On this island, and coast, there are fishing centers with cottages, boats and professional guides. Plus almost every Norwegian family has its own fishing Lodge motoryachts and inexpensive to rent. Typically, this two-storey house with clean and cozy rooms and a common dining room, where guests can enjoy an early Breakfast, so as not to miss their catch need to get up at least at 4 am. Traditional fishing tackle consisting of a wide variety of lures, powerful coils, leads and lures can be added to suit the float, in case of falling overboard. He will hold out longer in cold water than in ordinary clothes. As well as a life jacket. In addition to these Norwegian fishermen usually stock up on extra gas cans, flares, oars and even a mobile phone that is wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. With boats there are always more chances to catch bigger fish than from the shore, so you need to go to sea. Around the coast of Norway in sufficient depth to 300 m, but there are also shallows, where the depth ranges up to 70 m.

fishing in Norway

The most popular method of sea fishing in Norway the steep obiasnenie or jigging – regular twitch the rod up and down to attract fish to the lure and the bait. In many cases the fish are biting in the moment of movement tackle. Almost all Norwegian fishermen use the sonar.

In Norway cod is considered a national treasure. Hundreds of years this fish here was zaselyali, was dried and used for cooking various national dishes. But if cod can still be caught in the wild, trout or salmon has long been cultivated artificially on farms for the breeding of salmon. In sea cages now lives 99 percent of all Atlantic salmon that are grown for sale. However, it is not those salmon that are found in nature. Are hybrids of wild populations that have undergone a rigorous artificial selection. They grow very quickly – up to 1 year up to 4 kg. Cages set up along the coast at great depth, mostly in places with a strong current, to waste and waste feed washed to the open sea. In addition, the control over mood and behavior of the fish is conducted from the control room provided operators with a few monitors. He looks up when you need to start feeding the fish, which presses one single button.

In each cage, about 160 thousand individuals. It is from than fish fed depends on its health quality and even color. Experts added to feed various food additives and dyes, from which the meat becomes pink or red depending on what is ordered by this or that country. Salmon fish delicious, but she likes to eat. Along with food dyes, as a rule, in a forage add the sardines, mackerel and anchovies. All this is seasoned with fish oil and vegetable proteins. Each month come to the farm veterinarians. Before releasing young fish in cages they do them vaccinated and check the condition. However daily for a salmon watch and the farmers themselves, they only need to see one fish, to understand how the rest feel.

There is one place which know only the Norwegian fishermen, and tourists passing through. This is the famous Atlantic road, one of the most picturesque in the world. It connects several Islands with sea Straits and the fishermen say that it is very good bite – fishing rod straight from the bridge.

The Atlantic road passes under 12 bridges directly over the ocean. Not so long ago it was recognized as a structure century. During the construction workers experienced 12 storms. Now this is another attraction for tourists and a very comfortable place for fishing.

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