With age the fish get some “life experience”, which helps one to escape from enemies (anglers and predators), others of the predators to successfully hunt. Predatory fish, for example, invented different ways of fishing, your “jigs” and “spinners”. One such angler fish – marine fish-mouse – directly under the mouth is kind of “telescopic fishing rod” (Illicium), equipped with “mormyshka” – a brush of dark and Ryabykh skin outgrowths. Pulling a “lure”, the fish-mouse attracts curious victims to the jaws and grasp them with lightning speed.

Pike looks for food mostly by seeing it, her eyes are on the top of the head on this pike sees forward and upward. However, a pike and a sensitive olfactory apparatus. Thanks to the power of the body and jaws, great view of pike can eat almost everything, even carrion, which is especially important to learn for catching big pike!

Unlike many animals, who throughout life eat and live in a single biological niche, regardless of age and size, the pike during the growth shifts from one niche to another. In the process of growing the pike is changing the pattern of hunting and habitat in the reservoir (as well as most predatory fish).

Look for grayling should be open, shallow stretches with pebbly bottom between the rapids and shoals,where the grayling occupies a fossa near any shelters. Grayling lives in small groups, large specimens are kept more than alone. In addition grayling may indicate their presence, jumping out of the water for no apparent reason very highly. Need to behave as quietly as possible, especially on the rocky shore. On quiet evenings, when the air rises, the innumerable army of moths, mosquitoes and midges, grayling come out of the pits and cover the open space above the shoals, at the head of Islands and channels, to the banks with overhanging trees water and grass.

Trout fishing for anglers is not an end in itself. Much nicer to see her supernaturally bright colors, hear the tranquil sound of water, watch for deer drinking water near the pier and not suspecting the presence of non-forest creatures. However, when you manage to catch the shining beauty, pleasure you can get much more.

The bleak is a small (12-15 cm long), very active and beautiful fish. Back in her grey-blue with a green tinge; sides and belly silvery-white. The dorsal and caudal fins grey with a dark border; the other fins are light grey with yellow at the base. The mouth is oblique, directed upwards.

The body of the bleak is covered with small shining scales of silvery colour that sits so poorly on the skin that fall off at the slightest touch to her hand, sticks to them, alleyway them (hence the name fish).

You first need to determine where there is a trout. I advise you to look for trout near the mouths of small rivers and streams that flow into the river, and below them and on nearest the pits. Also, the trout can lie below the Islands on merging the flows surrounding the island. He stands and pits before or after them, behind large stones and stone slabs lying on the bottom, with the majority of artificial structures, e.g., bridge things (foundations), etc. near the shoals or the strong and turbulent jet, off the coast below and above the pits, if such pits are on the river bed. Trout can usually be found in quiet, calm, but deep within, and deep in the ground with the return current.

Com — the most voracious fresh water predator, it eats not only fish, but does not shun and frogs, small waterfowl, eats different food residues that falls in the river, swallows a large shellfish etc. to Small somenok catches the worm when fishing for other fish.

One of the most common fish in Russia is perch. Found in streams, rivers, lakes, large ponds, wherever plenty of fresh water. Their appearance and color is markedly different from other fish. His short, flattened laterally body slightly garbato, especially in adults – for which he received from the local fishermen nicknamed ‘the whale’. Body is covered with small, firmly set in the skin scales without mucus. Large mouth armed with numerous small and very sharp teeth. Orange eyes – small, sparkling dark purple glitter eyes.

Burbot favorite food is small fish, from which the most delicious burbot seem gudgeon, a ruff, small frogs in spring, the worms.

July 26, 2008

In Russia hunting for salmon can be enjoyed or the North, or in the Caucasus. More numerous fans of the North, but there are fans of the Caucasus.

In almost every river of the Caucasus, flowing into the Black or Caspian sea, can also be found salmon. In the rivers flowing into the Caspian sea, the salmon weigh 12 to 14 kg, and at the mouth of the Kura caught the giants in 30-40 kg and more. In the rivers flowing into the Black sea, the salmon reaches a weight of 20-22 kg.

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