Dredging of lakes and ponds for breeding fish

The main ones are:

erosion of banks, deposition of soil of the coastal meltwater either sand and clay groundwater; formation of bottom sediments as a result of vital activity of water inhabitants (fishes, birds, beavers, etc.), decomposition of plants and leaves, algae and organic debris.

This problem is especially acute for small ponds, characterized by slow movement of water or its complete absence: these are decorative ponds, artificial water bodies (specially created by the accumulation of water in artificial or natural cavities of the earth’s surface) and natural lakes (natural water accumulation in depressions) . as well as the backwaters of rivers Marina for Parking boats and yachts, berths and jetties.

The consequences of the destruction of ponds, lakes and rivers

As a result of the shallowing of the pond water is warming up much faster, which leads to the formation of large amounts of hydrogen sulfide in the sediments of organic origin. In turn, this stimulates the growth of blue-green algae that feed on hydrogen sulfide, and this further accelerates the silting of the reservoir. Nedostatochnosti in water not only prevents the full development of the fish feeding on algae, but can also lead to fish kills – mass loss during hibernation. This is clearly evident in spring, when the ice POPs a lot asphyxiated fish.

Traditional equipment used for dredging, for example, industrial dredges, draglines, and excavators, it is difficult and often impossible to apply in small and medium reservoirs that are part of the landscape design of the plot, so the access of heavy equipment to them undesirable.

We offer our customers an innovative way of dredging water reservoirs – the use of hand dredges Piranha Pumps . The mini dredge, you can manually migrate on the most expensive lawn to Your pond without damaging any plants.

Thanks effective the ejector gidrorazryva the bottom of the Piranha mini dredge Pumps can develop the soil up to 5 categories (silt, peat, sand, light loam, loam, light clay), opening long ago ceased its activities springs! The entire coastal area remains in the same condition as before the commencement of works.

The advantages of using hand dredges have appreciated some fish farms, having the opportunity of regular cleaning ponds of sludge, algae removal and dredging to create wintering holes without draining water and draining of the reservoir.

In addition to environmental benefit and substantial cost savings, prudent owners and lessees of ponds for cultivation of fish also have free fish food, exchanging of pumped silt or sapropel at the corn in neighboring farms!

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