Decorative and artificial ponds for garden

A charming pond in the garden – a spectacular element of the architectural structure of the Garden, as the element of water is a proven way to “collect” all the objects of landscape design into a coherent composition. In addition, the reservoir, regardless of the type of artificial, decorative, mixed – practical and fashionable decoration of the landscape.

The main thing when choosing attribute of the water element to remember that water is the soul of the landscape and the choice of the object depends on what each is fraught with Garden – silence, the inspiration, the charm, the beauty, the peace or joy of life. While technically water bodies can be anything, from the magnificent cascades to tiny fountains.

Ponds in the garden: the secrets of aquatic architecture

Water is the symbol of life on earth has an attractive force, so far most of us prefer to holiday surrounded by the living environment of waterfalls, fountains (see “Fountain in the country with their hands “), lakes and ponds. The object of any water garden is the symbol of interaction between culture and nature, which beautifies life and has beneficial effects on feelings and emotions – it helps to tune into a melancholic thoughts about the transience, escape from the daily hustle and bustle, immerse yourself in the secret life of the Garden.

In recornendation ponds of Ancient Egypt was taken to plant the Lotus and papyrus, breeding waterfowl, and fish, boating. Chinese natural gardens – the standard landscape style contain water bodies in natural forms, rushing waterfalls, streams, running down from the mossy stones, decorative ponds with numerous Islands and indented coastline.

decorative pond at dacha

The main advantage of the water element, from a practical point of view – to create the optimal microclimate recreation areas and more amount of landscape territory. The shape of the pond depends on individual preferences, and style of landscape design (see “an Artificial pond with his hands “). Rectangular in shape, the division into smaller squares and four channels of life-giving moisture characteristic of the gardens of Islam as an ancient symbol of purification and immortality. In such a rivers, which, in accordance with the Qur’an, never dry up, pouring milk, wine and honey.

In the Gardens of Greece and Rome preferred the water bodies of regular geometric shape with the Nymphaeum and the bottom and sides were decorated with colorful mosaics. Fans of Japanese fashion today style (see “Landscape design of the suburban area in the Japanese style “) it is necessary to consider that water is the most important element of the Garden: living environment can Shine in the bowl, dribble in a thin stream from the gutter, or worry in the reservoir beneath the flapping fins of the koi. The main thing in the implementation of the style is to indicate the presence of the water element and intricate lines of banks, even in a dry garden, using stones or gravel.

an artificial pond with a fountain

stone decorative pond

pond with small waterfall

Secrets lurk water architecture in a harmonious combination of the best achievements of the ancient architects and contemporary design trends. To emphasize the value of every drop of water, you can use the techniques of the masters of the Arabic Spain of the XVII century, when the living environment was present in the form of mirror pond, and pervaded by a narrow strip of the plane of the Garden, and flowed down the channels in the railing of the stairs, being present in every patio .

Types of ponds: decorative or faux?

The diversity of water objects will allow to realize any style and give a special mood to the relaxation area: waterfalls, streams, decorative fountains, ponds, etc. However, for practical implementation and the creation of the original object architecture, you must water before beginning any work to determine the preferred type of the object:

An ornamental pond has a small depth and size, respectively, 0.5-1.5 m and 25-100 m 2. This reservoir will enliven the landscape and harmoniously fit into any size of land. In practice, decorative pond often inhabited by fish with bright colours and the city planted greenery in a significant amount of aquatic plants.

Artificial pond differs with impressive depth and size, respectively, up to 2 m and 500 m 2. however, the use of methods of purification of water on this water body is not required, unlike the pool. Classic landscaping is a small amount of fish, plants, equipped with descent to the water (steps, stairs). To have aquatic plants artificial pond is recommended along the coastline.

Mixed type sizes from 500 m2 – it’s not just area, and the area of activities, which includes the opportunity to ride on a scooter and a boat, for fish breeding and fishing, to organize the bathing area. A distinctive feature of this water object architecture is a long process of formation of the water balance for an account held in the reservoir internal processes, which may last several years.

Examples of ornamental and artificial ponds

decorative pond at dacha

a large decorative pond

the pond with fountain (smoke)

another artificial pond with fish

Waters of mixed type – the perfect solution for a country residence, as, regardless of application, water the object will retain decorative appeal.

Lovers of original approaches to landscape design can be supplemented by a body of water elements “moving water”: waterfalls, streams, fountains, waterfalls. Thanks to these elements the site will become a wildlife corner and become the pride of the owner. Ways to create a pond can be anything – collapsible system, concreting of bottom and walls, finished plastic shapes or film technology. Important thing in creating a water body to create the unique charm of the garden and the friendly atmosphere of a recreation area, decorating the landscape of the attribute of the water element.

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