Dangerous fishes of the world

People consider themselves the real kings of the nature and often underestimate the possibilities and dangers of the surrounding world. But actually, there are a huge number of living creatures, natural phenomena and even of plants that are able to hurt us and to watch out for. So when you go on vacation you need to remember that even in a normal sea, where every year on holiday, many tourists may lurk a dangerous surprises. Talk about how there are dangerous fish in the world, but rather consider what is known dangerous fish of the red sea and the black sea.

What in the red sea dangerous fish?


In the Red sea found several species of sharks, among which a large hammerhead shark. They rarely swim to the shores of Egypt, but are quite frequent visitors off the coast of Sudan. In that case, if in the open sea you see a lot of fish, it is better to stay away from this place away, because such groups often are sharks. But if you were unlucky enough to get hurt, is soon to emerge from the water as these fish can smell blood at a considerable distance.


This saltwater fish is also known under the name sea-pike. Fortunately, most often she eats fish, but especially large specimens are quite mogucnosti per person, mistaking him for possible prey. Barracuda is unable to cause fatal injuries, but to cripple her.


These fish are common inhabitant of coral reefs. They have a rather eerie appearance, however, is quite safe, if not teasing. But if Moray angry, she can grab the victim and hold her while alive.

Sea snakes

Such inhabitants of the red sea may hide in dense vegetation where they are difficult to notice. They can bite humans, but their venom is about ten times stronger than Cobra venom. However, it acts slowly, and medics have the necessary drugs to prevent death.

The stonefish

This is a rather dangerous creature that is found around the sandy beaches and coral reefs or rocky shores. This fish is also known under the name verrucosa, she looks like a stone, and it is very difficult to see. But if you step on such a creature, it will give you a shot, resulting in the body will penetrate quite aggressive poison can cause shock, fainting and even death. So into the water are urged only to go into a special Shoe.

Other dangerous fish of the red sea

The danger to humans can represent other inhabitants of the red sea, for example, a very attractive Zebra Fish with poisonous needles, sea urchins, electric ray and Stingray. And there are other representatives of flora and fauna, able to harm people, so when traveling must to listen to recommendations and guides to comply with safety regulations.

Dangerous fish of the Black sea

Sea-ruff, or the Scorpion

This fish has a rather menacing appearance. Its large head are protuberances, horns, bulging crimson eyes and a huge mouth with large thick lips. The dorsal fin of this specimen has the appearance of sharp thorns, and if you disturb a Scorpion, it like spreads. In the base of each barb are venom glands, which are designed to protect the brush from predators. Scorpion fish can easily hide between stones and in seaweed, they are able to quickly change color, masquerading as your surroundings. So they’re hard to notice. If you accidentally get hurt on the spines of a Scorpion fish, the wound will be very sore, and the places around them red and swollen. The affected person will encounter a fever and General malaise. The wound will be treated as ordinary scratches and antigistaminny to take the drug.

However, it should be emphasized that accidentally stepping on a Scorpion is unrealistic. Usually her shots suffer from divers and fishermen who take ruffs with the hooks or removed from the network.


This benthic fish is very similar to a snake, it has a large angular head and an elongated shape. The mouth of this dragon is quite large, and eye – bulging. Most often these creatures burrow in the sand, waiting for prey. And at the slightest danger of such a fish straightens the dorsal fin, on which the poisoned spines. Dangerous venomous barb located on the operculum. Extremely rare vacationers accidentally step on a thorny dragon in the sand, but often injured fishermen taking their fishing rods or removing it from the network. If you have suffered from such fish, it is necessary to seek a doctor’s help. Treatment is the same as if you shot a Scorpion.


This cartilaginous fish looks similar to the classic stingrays, it has a long tail fin – similar to a stalk, its length is twenty centimeters. If you touch the rays lying on the sand, it will strike its tail like a whip. Such attacks leave deep chopped wound, the poison of this fish does not emit. Fortunately, these individuals swim away from swimmers, as I am afraid of noise.

In addition to the above dangerous fish in the Black sea deep and shark-Katran, but they are very afraid of people and swim away from them in depth. Such individuals can only be dangerous for fishermen who take the fish in hand, as their dorsal fins are large poisonous spikes.

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