Dangerous animals

The crocodile is the largest reptile in the world. Grow to 5 meters in length and can weigh about 1 T. the forelimbs of crocodiles have 5 fingers, rear — 4 only, (these animals have no little finger). When the crocodile is underwater, his ears and nostrils are closed by special movable valves. Being in the water, this predator can swim with an open mouth, as he has a secondary bony palate that separates the nasal passage from the oral cavity.

In light of a crocodile holds a considerable amount of air. Crocodile’s teeth are able to be updated every 2 years. The bladder, these predators are absent. Habitat crocodiles are freshwater rivers of tropical countries. They lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle: the majority of the time reptiles spend in the water, but lay eggs on land. Puberty crocodiles reach the age of 8 years, and they live over 80 years.

The breeding of animals

The female lays about 100 eggs in prepared from leaves, grass and mud nest on land, which is covered with earth. It remains there until the hatching of the young.

Female crocodiles are waiting 90 days until hatch their offspring, all the while protecting them, and then the cubs. Small crocodiles it carries in its mouth to the water. They prigoditsya help.

Baby crocodile — an exact copy of an adult individual, but in 4 000 times less. He’s not yet a killer, and a dinner for other predators. White-screamers and jackals and hyenas love to eat cubs. As, however, and other crocodiles. Small alligators have two skills: can swim and hide. Soon they begin to learn hunting. The cubs are looking for small prey to be able to swallow it. Younger crocodiles on our own. And only small part of them will survive to adulthood. The first 2 years of life of a young crocodile spends, hiding in shallow water. At this time, the base of food of crocodiles is fish.


Crocodiles are the most social reptiles on the planet. They turn to each other and to the mother. It’s a very clever creation. They stalk their victims at a watering hole. Under water crocodiles are moving absolutely silently and imperceptibly.

Head surfaced, almost without raising a ripple on its surface. The main part of the crocodile brain is responsible for sense of smell. They can find the carcass of a Hippo at a distance of more than 3 km of His eye estimate the distance to the target. These predators have acute night vision. But in the murky waters of eyes won’t help, at this point, comes to the aid of crocodile leather, the whole covered with special receptors that can detect the slightest agitation in the water. Crocodiles can hold their breath under water for 1 hour, and his heartbeat slows to 2 beats a minute. And then the predator at one point includes all of their maximum strength. When capturing prey, he turns around, thus tearing off pieces of meat. Cooperation is what they use as a weapon. When across the river where there are crocodiles, begin to cross Zebra, or other hoofed animals, predators carefully and carefully watching them, preparing to attack.

Several crocodiles block their path, they are covered with water and thus getting closer to the victim. Experienced, intelligent crocodiles target not on adult animals and on calves. Even during feeding crocodiles work together. When crocodiles killed the dinosaurs, today they use the same weapons. They have a huge head, approximately 20% of the total mass. And this is, basically, fall. Their jaws are designed to slam shut with incredible force. Her teeth, in the jaws of 66 pieces, they pierce the flesh and hold it tight.

The mouth of the crocodile is a lethal weapon. But to learn how to use it, it takes time. While hunting on land, the crocodile can meet an obstacle in the form of other predators that are quite strong and fast. In the dry season, the crocodiles have come on hard times, they remain without shelter and between them there are cruel fights for territory with water. On each territory is ruled by an alpha male. He gets the best females, and best coast. He also eats first. The rest are waiting for their turn. Young males stay away from him. Growing up, crocodiles are faced with a new challenge.

They no longer eat as much fish as before. They need larger prey. When crocodiles get catch prey on the shore, on land there is a lot of other predators who want to take it and possess. And it’s not just large carnivores, but gienovyh dogs are capable of it. Leopards and lions can easily kill crocodiles. In the river the reptiles only one rival — the Behemoth, reaching a length of 4 m and weighs around 3 tons Even adult crocodiles impressive size are hippos with caution. They may attack only old, dying animal. The smell of blood, the crocodile can go on land in search of the source of the smell. And if it came to consuming prey of lions, he is not afraid of them, and prove their right to this booty. The lions will be forced to admit it to her, as they will not be able to cope with adult fish. And crocodile, in turn, will hurt the lions. However, in the water everything is different. There reptiles attacking lions, assigning them the “status of production”.

On land crocodiles come out to bask in the sun and sometimes they get here for their prey to eat it. On land they are more clumsy than in the water, which move very quickly through the tail.

Over millions of years of existence of crocodiles, their tactics of hunting was perfected. They have great strength and adept hunting skills.

Crocodiles in human life

The most dangerous species of crocodiles to humans. For its part, the person also hunting these animals and eating their meat for food and the skin for the manufacture of handbags, briefcases, shoes, etc.

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