Carp and pike in a garden pond

When our family received a garden plot . it was a rainy swamps. In the first summer, while we still had no house, we arrived at the weekend to work on the site. Car bought for work, we hid in the bushes on the plot. Now, having arrived, had to get that car out of the bushes from the middle of the plot. To reach this location, you need rubber boots was not wear, but on the contrary, to withdraw and to go barefoot, as the water was above boot. In the spring during the snow melt the area was flooded with water completely. Later in gardening was fixed in the by-pass device of the ditch near the forest, in which all the water from the forest was constantly on land, and now our site never does not fill with water.

In the first year I did the plot one little patch and planted a zucchini. Weather during that period was dry, and the area was dry. After some time the weather changed, the rains came again. When we arrived at the station at the weekend, the courgettes are already growing up, and the groove along the garden beds were filled with water. Everywhere were jumping frogs, and I liked it very much. In one place in the water, I noticed a leech, she also liked me, because I know that leeches only live in clean water. This meant that we come from the city to a day in pure nature. And suddenly I saw the groove in the beds around the fish.Looked closer, I found that there are several. There were no rivers, no lakes. Hence, these fish have done the bypass ditches a long way until got to my zucchini!

The next year we put on a site the garden house, and hired the excavator to dig the garden pond. Beneath the fertile layer of soil is clay, at a depth of about three meters begins blue clay. The pond was dug the size of 4×8 meters and a depth of 3 meters in the middle part. After a few days on the bottom of the reservoir has accumulated the purest water that had leaked through blue clay. That summer we used this water for drinking.

Next spring the pond up to the top filled with clear water from melted snow. When my grandson came home on leave, he noticed that our pond floats carp about the size of children’s hands. Our Sadovaya street there is a fire pond about the size of one plot. We already knew that they caught a small pike. The grandson decided to go to fish, and knowing that it is not released, he went to the neighbor’s site. The neighbors was also dug pond, which was connected to by-pass the ditch and, thus, with the fire pond. Soon the child really caught the bait with the worm is small pike and joyful brought it to us. He decided to let the spike in our garden pond. The water in our pond was very clean, no food for two fish was not there. And if carp could still something to look on the bottom for pike food no no, except for carp. Soon we began to notice that spike’s been chasing carp, and poor, and hide nowhere.

The next morning, approaching the pond, we saw a terrible picture. In the corner of the reservoir, hugging the Bank, standing carp, and his back was bitten. Spike tried again to attack him, though small, but still a predator! It was urgent to take action. Since carp was very weak, was able quite easily to catch it with a net and drop into a bucket of water. With this bucket I went to the site to the neighbor. The neighbor telling a scary story, I sternly told him that it was his fault, as his pike was bitten by our carp. I released the carp in a neighborhood pond and was strictly told the neighbor to take care of our carp to feed him, to cherish until complete recovery. After this we together with a neighbour, drank to the health of our carp!

However, the spike left in our pond, even though he is a predator, had to be fed. With my grandson we found earthworms and threw the spike. In clear water you could see how slowly descends to the bottom of the worm. But the predator was so rapid that at the bottom of the worm to fall did not have time. First pike was frightened of us and shied away to the side, then turned around and threw the arrow on the worm. After a few days spike not already rushed to the side, and still waited another portion of the food that we threw him almost into his mouth. So we had a daily ritual of feeding the spike.

When I finished the vacation, to the cottage we began to come only on weekends, and then fed our pike. But spike was alive and well. One Friday, employees at work asked me if I’m going to the cottage for the weekend, so as promised very bad weather. I replied that I would go necessarily, because I don’t kormina pike! After this my response is first in the air hung silent perplexing question. Then all began to ask where it came from and where I live the pike. And then I told the staff the whole story.

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