Article about catfish fishing on Akhtuba bottom tackle

Catfish are practically the largest type of freshwater fish in Eurasia. The size and weight of the catfish are so large that do not go to any comparison with other types of fishing freshwater fish, such as pike, salmon, etc. Well, except that some specimens of sturgeon may compete. Despite the fact that normal weight middle-sized “catfish” reaches 10-20 kg, 10-12 kg – practically a ceiling for rare specimens of pike, perch and carp (carp). In the past two century, according to confirmed data, often caught catfish longer than 4 feet and weighing under 20 pounds (300 kilograms). Currently in the district of three rivers on Akhtuba documented cases of mining kgs weight under 100 kg. in fact, in the Volga basin catfish is widely distributed, and in three rivers (confluence of the Akhtuba sleeveless Kriusha and Karabalyk) for its propagation and growth of nature has created ideal conditions for a variety of waters with complex bottom topography, run-of-river deep pits and whirlpools under the krutoyary, the abundance of shallow water, giving the desired food because adult catfish is a true predator, though almost omnivorous.

The diet of juvenile (teen) catfish are worms, leeches, clams, etc. Over time, manifest the traits of the predator and the fish goes for frogs, crayfish and whitebait. With the growth of fish on the menu are catfish mouse, larger and larger fish, waterfowl and other Maciejewski. Som tends to the deep places where the current is weaker. Most of the time he spends in the pits littered with snags, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Leaves chose the place only for the duration of feeding, spawning and during the spring flood period. The dark catfish out of the pits in search of food, carefully checking the area “the den”.

Of course, every fisherman hopes to get its biggest in a lifetime trophy. I will try to help beginning anglers to pursue my dream of sharing their experience about the main method of catching catfish on Akhtuba: fishing . You must begin with selecting the appropriate gear. It is expected that will catch ground fish, respectively, collected for this bottom fishing with a rod or, simply, “a Donk”. So, rod. Catfish will need to “stick” with sufficient strength and a powerful whip (or form). The main places catfish are snag in places, spotted catfish will try to leave in snags and thickets of aquatic plants. You will need “power” playing, in which the strength of the tackle comes out on top. Select specialized fishing rods, best carp or casting for sea fishing.

Coil. It is better to use either a large spinning reel spool with large diameter (class 400 and above), or multiples in a set with a baitcasting rod. The baitcasting reel is reliable in operation, scaffolding is wound on a spool without the line layer with the roller (respectively: fewer parts – higher reliability). Depending on the gear used in fishing rods, reels, and choose the thickness of the line. If when making a simple zakidushki without rods used mono between 1 mm and thicker, or simply a cord made from nylon (nylon), rod and reel use a thinner line or braid. The use of the rod absorbs some of the energy of the jerks. Wicker can withstand large tensile loads than mono of the same diameter, but it has its disadvantages: sails in the wind, curl (especially new), are often damaged scuffed on a curb or rocks, cut small fresh-water shell – river dracenas.

Note: the shape and weight of sinkers pick up in line with the current, the place of fishing. When fishing for catfish in an active, large bait (frog, fish, cancer) will need a heavier sinker or the bait just runs off tackle with fishing. For current sinker must also be weighted and have a ribbed shape is better “koritsa”. By the way, loved to use sinker “the Tyrolean stick”, especially in “cluttered” areas – must be removed at that time.

Hooks. here conversation special. Given the anticipated load: only forged! The choice of the type and number of the hook is determined by the type and size of bait. Doubles perfect for bulky active baits, e.g., bait fish or frogs. For attachment of perlovitsy (meat shells) or a large bundle of worms-Nightcrawlers single use. With regard to the construction tackle, then there is little choice: either sinker doing the end with the leash higher, or an intermediate moving with the leash on the end of the main fishing line. End options with a sinker in the form of a Tyrolean sticks are convenient to use in places with snags and grass – hook is always above the bottom. A sliding sinker with an end leash is convenient for fishing from boats and on the clear bottom. Leashes make 50 inches, as a shorter, by experience, provoke too early, empty sweeps – som sometimes swallows the bait very slowly.

The choice of location and the process of catching catfish. As already mentioned above, the som tends to be deep pits. Often these sites are located on the bends of the river channel. In these places, if you get baited “under the nose”, followed by a bite at any time of the day. But the main places for catching catfish are the coastal areas around Somavia pits, where it hunts in the moments of activity – a characteristic squelching and splashing’t be confused with anything. I usually put a few simple zakidushki with the reel in relatively shallow areas with vegetation and driftwood (make sure to carefully pin it to the shore), and he settled on the pit with a pair of long rods. Periodically check zakidushki and rearrange if necessary. By the way, a large part of the night bites happened right under their feet, 2-3 meters from the water’s edge. Just remember the masking – som in shallow water becomes careful, can get away even with a slight artificial noise or noticed the light of a lantern.

I hope this information will help You to become a real Pro in such a fascinating occupation. The more that the reward for their labors and patience will be a decent – river monsters. In the continuation of this article I will talk about baits for catching catfish on Akhtuba.

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