Aquarium sharks

Aquarists – people are passionate about, and to add to my collection of fish something exotic, a dream of every owner of the water Kingdom. Therefore, hardly anyone would refuse the opportunity to acquire aquarium shark, however, not all think about the nature of the behavior desired of the fish and the conditions of her imprisonment.

However, without the necessary information of problems and disappointments can not be avoided. So is it time to fill in the blanks?

Aquarium fish shark – requirements to the conditions of detention

First we need to address the conditions of detention of these unusual fish that every aquarium owner can pre-objectively evaluate your capabilities and not to bring their Pets to unfair treatment. Decorative aquarium fish sharks reach sizes of 40 inches or more.

So comfortable movement will require a tank capacity no less than 60 litres. Those who wish to acquire a shark, have to carefully monitor the water temperature in the tank, keeping it within the boundaries of 24-27 degrees. The presence of the filter.

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As for the interior,here the owner is given freedom of action, the only requirement before you can fill the bottom of the aquarium fine gravel or sand, lay a layer of large pebbles. Plants are planted directly in the ground or placed on the bottom of the aquarium in special clay pots.

To fish feel “at home”, on the bottom arrange a few stone caves. Aquarium care need to be made regularly, every week, changing about 20% water and holding every six months for a General cleaning. Feeding freshwater aquarium fish sharks usually do not pose a problem, since these fish are almost omnivorous.

Decorative aquarium fish sharks

In this topic we will talk about several strange varieties of aquarium fish, which, although they are called sharks but are not so. It’s the outside similarity with members of a dangerous tribe.

However, this similarity is all there is: the nature of the majority of decorative shark peaceful, neighbors in the aquarium they do not terrorize, aquatic vegetation does not spoil and is no threat to others can not imagine. Among ornamental aquarium fish sharks most popular:

1. The apparent pangasius

Has other names: shark catfish, pennant or freshwater shark. This fish has the most interesting behaviour and the strongest similarity with real sharks. In the rivers of Thailand, where it is found, its size can reach 1.5 m or more in the aquarium, it rarely grows longer than 60 cm.

And though the apparent shark has a rather intimidating appearance, she is extremely shy: when in danger or she’s pretending to be dead, or the torpedo jumping out of the aquarium.

By the way, sometimes scared shark torpedo can soma and side walls of the aquarium, significantly damaging himself in this guise. So not nervous of these fish, if you want to see them in good health.

Fed pennant shark slices low-fat fish, frozen squid or granular feed. Pangasius illegible in food, however, should not overfeed, as the sense of moderation in eating it are unknown.

It is not recommended to contain the apparent shark with small fish: effect of immoderate appetite it can make the nicest neighbors for food.

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2. Chernobrovkina shark

Peaceful Chernobrovkina shark does not have any relation to the namesake of the formidable reef – it belongs to the family of catfish Arius seemanni Guenther and rarely reaches a size of more than 20 cm of aquarium catfish with black fins will feel more comfortable if you add to the aquarium a little sea salt – about two tablespoons per bucket of water.

3. Black shark

Aquarium black shark comes from Thailand – has an intimidating name and gentle nature. Thanks to the dark coloring she stands out on the contrasting background of the bright sandy bottom. With decent care this fish reaches a size of 40-50 cm

If “black shark” gets a bad food, it changes color – it brightens, like feeding the owner of the sign. In addition, a hungry black shark can be dangerous: she begins cautiously look at everything that surrounds her. It is better satisfying to feed the inhabitant of your aquarium, than to lose several dear to your heart small fish.

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4. Two-tone black shark

4. Another kind of black aquarium sharks – two-tone shark that has a velvety-black body and bright red tail. She’s unusually good – so much so that for her striking appearance, she is easily forgiven and slight aggressiveness, and character.

Owners of aquariums with ornamental sharks should be attentive to their students, in a timely manner showing concern and worry. With proper care and aquarium fish shark will constantly delight the host with an unusual appearance and funny behavior.

If time and funds do not allow to get aquarium sharks, read the following article: Aquarium fish, like shark – predator of the glass.

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