Aquarium fish and their care

Breeding aquarium fish is very well known among fans of the post to create comfort in your own home. It is beautiful, impressive, and most importantly – care for fish in an aquarium does not require much of your time. And yet at the stage of purchase and preparation of the aquarium, the acquisition of its inhabitants should make every effort, to then fully enjoy this nebolshim miracle at home.

Step 1. Buy aquarium

Don’t be surprised, really care for fish in an aquarium appears only with the acquisition thereof. Because just the size and shape of the aquarium cause comfort – that’s why, the quality and duration of its existence, fish.

Choosing the size and shape of the aquarium, remember:

– in the aquarium a huge size, water is contaminated less frequently than in small;

– the size of the aquarium required to fit the number and size of fish that will inhabit larger fish, the larger amount is obliged to be a tank (in this regard about which fish will live in it, it is worth thinking in advance);

the form of aquarium also obliged to comply with the fish – or rather, landscape design, they are suitable (some fish can swim in a completely empty tank, new algae and stones, the third is the soil at the bottom);

– the shape of the aquarium is required to enable the maximum easy and convenient to maintain it (clean, change the water) – thus, a very bizarre proportions should be abandoned.

Step 2. Decorate the aquarium

Seaweed, driftwood, mini-cliffs, rocks – for us it is a jewel of the aquarium and for the fish – vitally necessary conditions of existence. Therefore care for fish in an aquarium is manifested in the fact that ideally in the aquarium to create conditions for the rational of what used to fish in nature. This requires large expenditures of time and effort – although entirely justified then. You want to ensure that your fish to be happy?

At the bottom of the aquarium, you must pour sand. Decorate the aquarium possibly tuffaceous rock, stones of all shapes and colors, driftwood, limestone, algae and mosses, bits of glass, sea gravel. This does not mean that all of the above will be in the same aquarium, otherwise it will get silly, and the ending aquarium fish is hidden from your eyes in the abundance of algae and snags.

How would you not want to decorate the aquarium to the max – choose only the jewelry that is in essence necessary for its inhabitants. Because at this point you must decide which fish will live in your aquarium, to study their habits and habitat.

In addition, choosing decorations for the aquarium, avoid objects with sharp edges, otherwise aquarium fish may be injured. Before you decorate the aquarium with shells, bits of glass, stones, carefully wash and disinfect them (maybe just pour boiling water). Please refrain from the use of artificial seaweed, artificial jewellery new.

Once the aquarium is decorated completely, fill it with water and let stand a week before to occupy his hands.

Step 3. Choose fish

So the house is ready for fish. Now it’s time to get its residents. You, needless to say, followed our lead and have already decided the types of fish that will live in your aquarium. On any kind of case, we recall a few easy rules of selection, which in the future will facilitate the care of fish in an aquarium:

– pick up a fish aquarium with regard to their General conditions, peculiarities of feeding, replaybility (or, conversely, cold resistance);

– aquarium fish needs cool to deal with each new, therefore do not try to “settle” at the same time predatory fish and small fish, otherwise the latter may not be in the aquarium in the near future;

– don’t buy fish which requires special conditions – don’t risk their own time to satisfy their whims;

– healthy fish, vigorous, agile, can accommodate typical for their own species color, transparent fins, thick scales and firmer abdomen.

Step 4. Feed the fish

Complete care for fish in an aquarium is possible only with a suitable diet in their diet. Where modernity had made life easier for fish owners make the selection every kind of food. However on one dry food to a because the more diverse diet of fish, they are healthier, more active. In addition to the main aft aquarium fish it is possible to finish feeding meat, cereal, oats, shredded lettuce.

One of the main problems in feeding the fish – their obesity. You should not overfeed the aquarium inhabitants, as it is fraught with the violation of their reproduction, and shorter life. How to determine the rate of food for fish? They must absorb food within 5-7 minutes, and everything else will already be superfluous. To feed the fish rather times a day (fry – 2 times).

Step 5. Take care of an aquarium

Rational care for fish in an aquarium is still and clean. First of all, this is a timely replacement of water. This procedure should be performed once a week (in a huge aquarium once a month). The water that is poured must be of the same hardness and temperature as in the aquarium. In addition, it must be pre-filtered and defended.

Glass aquarium clean with the help of specialized squeegee and decorative elements can be cleaned by using the same fish, feeding on algae. Populate the aquarium with several ancistrus in particular these are called “bearers of the aquarium” – and driftwood-rocks will be squeaky clean!

Check the condition of the soil – it is vitally necessary for fish and plants, serves to maintain the necessary biological balance in the aquarium.

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