A shark attack on people in Egypt

In Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh shark attacked a Russian tourist, and, according to eyewitnesses, took her hand. As reported the UNIAN journalist from Ukraine, which was at that time on the beach, Russian tourist swimming in the sea and started screaming “Shark! Shark!”. She pulled the staff of the hotel, which is close to the beach, rewound the hand towel to stop the bleeding. According to rescuers, the tourist was “all bitten, and she doesn’t have the hand”.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh was closed due to shark attacks

In the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh because of the shark attacks on Russian tourists have closed several beaches, RIA Novosti reported.

In particular, the blocked access to the beach area of Nabq, Naama Bay, shark Bay and the beaches hotels located in these zones. On the beaches there are hunters of sharks, who lure fish with bait. It is expected that soon the ban on bathing will be removed.

In the last two days in Egypt have been several shark attacks in the Red sea. Data on number of victims and the dates of shark attacks differ. According to RIA Novosti, on Tuesday, November 30, shark attacked two Russians, a man and a woman, severely injuring Abominog. The woman also hurt your back. December 1, suffered two tourists from Russia -a shark bit off their hands.

Data of “Interfax” indicate that the woman, the shark attacked on Tuesday, is a citizen of Ukraine, not Russia. On Wednesday, according to the Agency, from the attack of marine predators has injured three people.

Final data on what kind of sharks attacked the tourists, no. It’s probably either a reef shark or oceanic whitetip sharks. Both of these fish seldom attack humans and are considered harmless.

Information from eyewitnesses:

TODAY 30.11.2010 IN THE BAY OF OUR HOTEL, ON A CORAL REEF SHARK BIT OFF A YOUNG GIRL’S HAND ABOUT 10 CM. ABOVE THE BRUSH, WAS IT BETWEEN THE PIERS (THERE ARE 2), THE GIRL WAS ABLE TO SWIM TO THE PIER AND WHEN IT BEGAN TO GET SHARK BIT OFF GIRL’S LEFT BUTTOCK. She has a lot of blood she is lying in hospital in intensive care Charm. The girl pulled out our tourists and carried her to the car with our beach too the tourists. According to our hotel guide today this thing tore badly the girl in shark Bay (bay sharkse), then we have the girl, then at Domina Coral Bay bit off a man’s leg. Why is that fact not widely advertised in the news, we wrote on ORT and NTV and in Mentorish, no reaction. SW. tourists! BE VERY CAREFUL.

Yes I’m still in hotels. On the beach 2 pontoons, everything happened between them. Pulled unfortunate in the extreme left (if you look at the sea) here and it was closed immediately, and the second outlet to the sea was closed only after 30-40 minutes. The worst thing is that this is the second or third attack, AND the BEACHES WERE OPEN. Now they say that the beaches are closed for 3 days prior to special permissions. When it happened on the beach none of the rescuers were on the pontoon (like it was in the Sheraton). The rescuer fled from far. Stretchers and harnesses were not. Instead harness removed the “tops” swimwear with girls instead of litter picked from the beach lounger. The lifeguard was running very good. quickly and even on the way to the pontoon took off the shirt and wanted to jump, but will quickly shrink from the edge, pulled out the girl of our tourists and fought off the shark fins (she was trying to climb onto the pontoon).

The oceanic whitetip shark

Well-known notoriety of the great white shark and bull shark. Them is considered the most dangerous to humans shark. But really only they are worthy to wear this title? The famous marine Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a different opinion. The most dangerous shark he believed the oceanic whitetip shark.

The environment, its habitats are tropical and subtropical waters of the World ocean. Found the oceanic whitetip shark in the open ocean. To the shores it fit very rarely.

Among other shark species, the oceanic whitetip shark secrete long pectoral and caudal fins. Actually, thanks to which it got its name. These fish can reach 4 meters in length, but most often there are individuals of smaller size – 2.5-3 meters. They weigh from 40 to 60 pounds.

The shark has a brown-greyish color, at the ends of the pectoral fins there are white spots.

The shark has several kinds of teeth in lower jaw teeth small, thin and jagged. Teeth in upper jaw triangular, longer and wider than the upper, with a fully serrated edges.

Oceanic whitetip sharks are viviparous and can produce 5-7 pups.

Often these sharks feed on “reserve”. What does it mean. When they see a big pack of tuna, then they Wake up the aggression is not linked to hunger or the presence of blood in the water. The fact is that sharks don’t always manage to eat every day. So for the whole period of existence they have developed their system of power. Sharks pounce on a flock of fish and eat to satiety, and in “hungry” periods they spend those energy reserves that they have accumulated. This animal reflex forces the sharks to jump on almost everything that gets in their eyes, including different debris that is thrown from ships, and……person.

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